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Sri Lanka

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When he turned to the quiet sound of her voice, he knew he'd heard her before, that she had already called out several times, and that she'd reached him somewhere in a recess of…

Paint Clot (Novel Excerpt)

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Damion was not this skin and bones saint. He was not the ascetic he carved himself out to be. He did not exist in a vacuum consuming and being consumed by only art. He was not all these things. And he was not always so painfully sober.

There are questions I will never ask you

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There are questions I will never ask you because there are answers you will never give me As you said, we were basically children back then thin-skinned and easily maimed to never recover again only to become terminally sane.

Industrial Honey-Suckle

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I forgot how to breathe when a dog pretending to be a coyote came within yards of us wearing a still tail You held onto me and I onto you loving our fear we wouldn't move Sweet tickles rush into the nose melt away the close gross of an industrial…

(1) Nan

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[Her adviser] looked at her and tilted his head, smiling. Over his shoulder she saw the M104 bus cruising up Broadway, and considered diving under it. Instead she took off toward the corner, in shame, and he followed. When they parted ways, he took her ha

The Campus Socialists

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The Campus Socialists Paul and Mary Jo lived in an apartment at the top of a long, dark flight of stairs that were so high, I remember as if it were yesterday thinking, the night she pushed him down the stairs, he would surely be dead by the time h

(3) Country House

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At one point he’d said: Don’t you have work to do? And she’d said: I’m doing it now.


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white-gray mounds persist

The Kid With the Hair

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threads of Cocoa Krispies

Click, Then Silence

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“I miss you,” I say. I don’t mean to; the words just tumble off my tongue, like pearls slipping off a broken necklace then spilling across the floor, a few caroming underneath the furniture.

Sealing off the Exits

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Jasmine invited herself over and plopped herself on my futon. "Let's fuck," she said, bluntly. "I want to."

How My Parents Fell In Love

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My mother walked out of a grocery store. My father drove up in a car, a fast car, silver, a car that goes vroom vroom.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

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His hands felt huge, like those of an amusement park mascot, puffy and devoid of sensation. His feet small, tiny mouse appendages not exactly limbs but more like molded action figure parts.

Is This Something?

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Four years older. You are in grad school in Florida. I am a college sophomore in California. Love for you filled all of my teenage years. Still five months till I turn twenty.


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Pion's long fingers fly from black to white, white to black, without missing even a measure. The nocturne starts soft.