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Sadie Hawkins Day

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It’s Leap Year and my school is observing Sadie Hawkins Day, which means the sixth-graders have a dance where the girls ask the boys to dance and the rest of us get to dress up like hillbillies.


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It would wander the hallways after the 3:45 bell, after the last class, after the students had all disappeared with the homework they'd never finish, the papers they'd forget to write, after Nate the janitor pushed his broom through the endless doorways,


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Not everybody sees Father. Not Mom, not Dad, not even my little brother, Andre, and he see lots of things. Me, I need to.

South, A Continent Removed

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In Rhodesia they Saw it fit to fling—‘kaffir', If black it…

South, A Continent Removed

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In Rhodesia they Saw it fit to fling—‘kaffir’, If black it applied.


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Reining her small hands around the molded handle grips, her bottom bouncing athwart and wildly off the seat, Symphony wrenches her center of gravity inward, commandeering as much control from the road it would allow. With her breaks behaving as stubborn

(3) Country House

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At one point he’d said: Don’t you have work to do? And she’d said: I’m doing it now.

October Day Salute

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The duty of a student can be summed up in a sentence To benefit the race of man with thoughtful independence


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People ask me sometimes what it’s like to meet your wife when you’re six years old, and I have to admit now that I don’t really understand the question. Marla and I, we were just friends for most of that time. She made me laugh. I let her crib off my math


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Kerryn saved us from ourselves really. Would you be reading this had she eaten it?

marbled toes

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Master’s nerves fray, the cigarette smoke pouring from hairy nostrils, displeasure writ large on his horse-length face.


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A deserted breeze hangs and waits and talks with staggered shapes in the sky like a melancholic child, held behind and forced to face the wall as better taught and better-tempered children dig for ancient ruins just ou

The New World Act

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It was said that in order to decrease population— and thus poverty, crime and the growing uneducated workforce in Etherage, New World— they needed to limit, if not abolish, the Social Reform Act of 2013 that provided government assistance and aid to famil

Jared Sampson's Mom

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She died in a car crash yesterday. She was driving down Hawthorne, past the strip mall with the Benihana’s, when her ’05 Corolla unaccountably careened over the center meridian and into oncoming traffic.

Big Fat Apple

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His death at forty is not one of the things I wanted to talk to you about. Of all the things he did, death is not one of the things he did well.