by Mary Diamond

The sun steadily slinks
toward the Earth's extremest end

Pearlescent pastels paint the clouds
which float while weary winds contend

The dusk draws dimmer
silent stars start showing light

Dark chases the cheery glow from it's charge
and the Earth is immersed in the infinite night

The creatures come creeping
from many a marvelous dreamscape

Good children of Goddesses, Gods and men
All are safe under sweet Nyx's star-sprinkled cape

The woman wanders wistfully 
toward the towering oak trees

Her secret circle sways in time
a powerful priestess, she praises the breeze

A storm suddenly stirs
darkening the stars with a deafening din

The thunder fills her thoughts with fire
Her vitae vibrates through virtuous skin

The magic madly mounts
shrieking voices shout strong and sure

Rains come running down reverent hands
all their hopes harbored in heavenly Her

The dance draws deeper
whirling witches weaving rhymes

The fire spits fierce in the falling rain
soon the spell will spill from secret times

The power peaks perfectly
the leader sends it swift to work

It knows the night's necropolis
quickly, quietly it quests -berzerk

The ritual readily runs down
energy emptied from every pore

The tired interlopers take thankful respite
Their bare bodies done but hearts ready for more

The group grasps gaily 
at each others opening arms

Together they take the traditional meal
and speak of new knowledge but never past charms

The friends flee the forest
with many a merry and mischievous glance

The clearing is cleaned of the coven's convention
until again they determine a deed for to dance