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Park Bench

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La femme petite/Posing for Monet On a patch of scenery /I lifted my hand/Positioned my wrist As if holding a brush

The Gourmand

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The Gourmand slowly led the way / And her assistants followed, / Pulling coolers full of delicacies in her wake, / Pausing at twenty-foot intervals as she stopped to breathe.


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The dance draws deeper whirling witches weaving rhymes The fire spits fierce in the falling rain soon the spell will spill from secret times

Delray Takes A Sick Day

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Ten past eleven, Delray calls it a night.

The Element of Ritual

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Nurse Smithers straightened Dr. Baumgartner’s feathered head dress. it had slipped down below the caduceus so carefully painted on his forehead by the medical ritual staff.

Out on Fir Tree Point

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Spring exploded in delirium filling the air with the perfume of lilacs and cherry blossoms. We walked in silence, listening to the cry of a mourning dove, peepers in the pond and the sound of gravel crunching underfoot. A pair of ducks swam away from the…

When Spectacle Replaces Ritual,

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The aisle, nave and/ transept twist themselves/ into an auditorium.