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TO THE RESCUE I'm home from school. It's late spring. I graduate next month. Then a summer job. After that — on to college. I sit on the edge of my bed thumbing through a Russian phrase book. I like…


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From Berlin to Arcturus. I squeeze Sevigny’s wrist, wish Izzy could be here, but she’s melting salt in Utah. We were on our way to Los Angeles. I’ve booked the horror room.


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It was a subtle change. Jeffrey's grandmother was never graceful. Her figure was like a garbage bag filled with rounded masses of leaves and the unexpected angle of the odd stick, the entire shambling affair draped in soiled and yellowed hand-knit clothing…

The Stairway (Short Story Excerpt)

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Leaves clouded the air and piled in great brown heaps like rotted snow on the old Maine road, disturbed for the first time in months by a lone, black SUV. It plowed its way slowly across the asphalt, the black surface cracked and hoary with years of neglect, past…


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The retina was burning, the liquid had dried up, and the veins bursting. My eyes bled. But I kept them open. The sound was like nails on glass, screeching endlessly. Coming close to me louder, harder, faster.


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She got up and left the table and when she reached the passenger side of my car, I imagined her high-heeled shoe leaving the glistening tarmac. She was Lauren Bacall, I was Humphrey Bogart. She was Sharon Stone, I was Mickey Rourke. She was Brigitte Bardo

Chaz and Betty

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immortal love is tough

Eating Jane

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Psycho? You dare call me psychopath? I am not some crazy person with but the thinnest belt of sanity wrapped around them! The world will know my story… they shall see! My purgatory... this dripping cell… pen and paper to capture the overflow of words…


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Something is desperately wrong. A scream escapes me. Adrenaline flows. With balled fists, I attack my captor.

Prologue - On the Lips of Children

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Their tongues were dry, her milk was gone, and the last bit of water in the plastic jug had evaporated.

Golem Got The Beach Balls

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After his last two attempts at creating a modern golem for his computer science class fails miserably, optimistic Benesh tries to channel the spirit of Steve Jobs into a sand golem as skeptical Jacob watches during a trip to the beach.

All Rooms Are Non-Smoking But Still Stink

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Sometimes he was too rough, but that's how relationships progress, right?


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I peek over the edge. A gigantic maw opens under the stairway. I begin to run up the steps to escape, but the stairs are now moving faster


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“Be careful of your words, they are more powerful than you think.” The incensed man-child unleashed a blistering string of curses at the jailer. The jailer’s face underwent the slightest of changes. “So be it.” He said calmly.

Bath Time for Timmy

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In Timmy's bathtub awaited a monster. "Now what's a damn monster want with soap and water anyway?" his father said, cracking open a beer. Timmy's mother smiled sheepishly. She was a thinning, prematurely gray, woman who took the boy by the hand…