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The Portal To Hell

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Dave was in the market for a house. He stopped looking when he saw this listing: 4 Br. 3 bath. In-ground pool. 2 car detached garage. Ominous Portal to Hell. finished Basement. Some Demonic Undercurrents. Modern Kitchen. City Water. Appliances. Mus

His First and Only: A Love Story for Halloween

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It was the woman, Mary Lou Compton, that he cared about. They would've been happily married by now if Bryce hadn't killed his Uncle Ned.

Jesus Christ, Boy Detective: Crashing the Funeral Party

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Timmy takes off the wolf mask to get a better look at the blood coming out of the puncture wounds on the body's hands and feet, barbed wire as a crown of thorns on the body's head.

The Game Testers (Chapter 1)

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Lead Tester David Walker watches from the observation room as 18-year-old Amy Takahashi interviews with Lead Tester Melody Standish for an internship at a family-owned video game company.

The Terror in the Night

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One dark and stormy night, while the full moon cast its preternaturally eerie glow across the shadows of my darkened bedroom, I fell asleep and dreamed uneasy dreams of blood and fur and enormous yellow teeth in the slavering maws of fell creatures. I awoke…


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Fred's ruined face stared back at him from a fractured, mold-spotted mirror. The remains of breakfast pooled around his feet and a pair of lace panties clung to his shoe, glued there by God knew what. Bits of flesh were stuck between his yellow teeth, alo


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It's only 600 words. You want a taste, you have to click.


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Charlene remained flat on the ground, sandwiched between the outside wall of the Kansas Children's and a gigantic holly bush. She did her best to ignore the thorny leaves scratching at the back of her face and legs.

Urgent, breathers: Pee before reading this novel!

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A jollier zombie you shall never find. You must trust me on this!


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Fred ignored the abandoned cars, corpses and piles of trash littering the tarmac in front of Terminal C. The carcass of a burned out passenger jet smoldered on the closest runway, black smoke coloring everything, turning a beautiful summer morning into a

Obscure Mr. Crass

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“Sorry to disturb you Mr. Crass but it is I, Fredrick come from Sir Yainsnit. I have a letter here for you from his namesake he handed me not more than one hour ago...”

The Horror

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It doesn’t shuffle, wrapped in cotton,/ hungering for love and tana leaves.

Possession: Notes for Zulawski

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Blood smeared in the hugging choke of her courtier. Our only recourse is to confront life with the benefits of a choke. “Please, don't make me force you.” Should misery be a reassurance when love is destroyed? There are reasons: “My wife doesn't live with

Deerhead Puppets in the Forest

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A spark is a gouged word: stewed to annihilate, scrambled, botched in a pot to dry. Lead us to the quiver, let us tremble. Noon, we paw nails under rugs, run fingertips over books, rip cupboards from hinges and spiral open the machine, for the creature is near the roof or…

Spring Uprising

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Some people might find it strange and a bit obsessive to mow their lawn every day, but to Shiram it was an irreplaceable part of his daily existence.