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Occupation Teacher
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About Me

I am a writer from Australia who is a full time academic teaching in business. I write for passion, fun, excitement, enthusiasm and compulsion like all of you. I hope one day that I will get something published.

Send me a message if you would like to chat.

I am on twitter @samsteel19

Why do you write?

I couldn't tell you what fuels my creativity because I don't understand it. Really. I am not a genius but things happen and my brain spits stuff out. That and I love exploring new things.

I write stuff that's not linear. I try to explore situations that are wholly frightening and much like my research I attempt to use the mind and how we think as the starting point. This means capturing the essence of thought and using back on the reader to explore what it means to be human. In that way most of the stuff I write could be labeled as 'fantasy' that is based in reality... if that makes sense. Probably not.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Fiction is probably Ian McEwan. He has this ability to paint pictures with words. On the other end of the scale I have a lot of time for popular fiction like Stephen King. I know but I love it.

Atonement is my all time favourite book at this stage.

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