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Unintentional Hermits/ Animal Cities- Melancholy

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He marvelled at himself. How his decision and the consequential action, could free him up, make him almost jolly, almost well. He didn't give a fig for his lack of money and inability to pay his rent, he didn't care anymore that he was no longer inspired

Unintentional Hermits/ Animal Cities- The Bubble Dancer

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Gaston could remember the first time he set eyes on Deno. He'd gone into the back of the house to enquire after a lost order and found himself face to face with the dish washer, a man in his late 20s, dual heritage, tall, staring eyes and dangling useless hands. The…

Unintentional Hermits/ Animal Cities- The General Woman

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She lived a good life she told herself. She lived a good life because she demanded little- little materialistic comforts that is- at least this is what she thought- and what she demanded anyway was simple, aesthetic; sophisticated and perhaps even neat. Yes she was a neat…

Unintentional Hermits/ Animal Cities- The Helper

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So this was how it started. The next day Kia returned to sit with him a bit and the next day and the day after that until the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months. Eventually she found out his name was Saul, that he had no 'proper' job, was o

Uniquely Portland

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He saw his mother standing over him, and he called out to her for help, but she only laughed and faded into the paper towel dispenser.

Uniquer Than Thou

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brilliant green eyes


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For the sake of convenience, we must assume that everything ugly is evil. Lightning rejuvenates. Sulfur preserves. The obvious solution is dismemberment. The ghost appears to Ludwig; “How can you destroy my creation?”

universal placeholder

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ambiguity of lightning

Universal Theory #1: The 3-Step Secret to a Good Life

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1. Think up problems that don’t exist 2. Realize, suddenly, that they don’t exist 3. Elation

Unkilled Jeff

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"Oh — what is this 'work' thing the philosophers speak of" sort of thing. ¶ He's honestly curious, from his point of view.

Unknown Brothers

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His name is Rick Reynolds. His name is Steve Redford.

Unknown to Me

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I don’t want to debate polemics while I’m sweaty and naked. I just want my hair cut.


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they'll leave soon for the drive north on the interstate

Unlimited And Limited

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Despite kryptonite not actually existing it became possible to buy, for 300 dollars, pieces of kryptonite on eBay. Personal protection, the sales pitch said. The pieces of kryptonite looked suspiciously like green plastic.

Unlock the Door, Open Your Heart and Surf the Rifting Singularity

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1) Tragicomedy set to drama is what the American public fears and abhors. But it's reality, and reality can be subject to the rifling burden of…

Unlucky Star

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“I don’t want you to, not even for one minute,” she continued, tone empowered, “Blame yourself. If anything, you’re the only one who has ever given a damn…” she thought more, then added, “…besides Jeremy.”

Unmailed Letter to B'go

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I really detest dating that leads to sex=ownership or to the expectation of it. The men are so quietly demanding, authoritarian, pushy. Who are these nice fuckers? Strays a'hounding. I want to tell them: I have friends, real friends with art agendas.


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The child was delivered, set to breathing, and whisked away before Fae Anne could even catch a glimpse of her.


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I reached my mother's doorstep with an important message, written in advance and practiced in front of a mirror. She answered in a purple kimono, her lips and cheeks rouged. She stretched across the doorframe, steel-eyed and implacable. “I balanced my…

Unpacking Sentences

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This is what I do for a living: I unpack sentences.

Unprecedented weirdness

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The weird thing was that standing here with himself, or what appeared to be himself, he had got so self-conscious that it was almost paralyzing.


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You slit your eyes and flick your cigarette in front of an oncoming car. I see how easily you could be that oncoming car.

Unreality Television

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I was told, take him round the back and deal with him.


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kindergarteners sent to class with Uzis

Unreasonable Women

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Rupert believes himself beset by unreasonable women.


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whistling some blithering tune, trotting around the kitchen in his underwear with his ribs, a long row of meatless tragedies that screamed for something other than the meal he was making.

Unsaid Words

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Some things are said. Others, never.

Unseen (a Five-Pointed Star with Four Streaming Lights Coming Out of Its Back)

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What you see us doing here is not so much andall we are not being there either. Our kissing mouths may not always be singing but we are constantly praying for you and for more rain or less rain, rivers as the situation warrants. Don't worry.…


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Over the years, his face began to alter