Unlock the Door, Open Your Heart and Surf the Rifting Singularity

by Rabbit Angstrom


1)                  Tragicomedy set to drama is what the American public fears and abhors. But it's reality, and reality can be subject to the rifling burden of subjectivity no matter how we with the scientific method try so vociferously to amend.

2)                  Loving life is a tragicomedy that no man can try to amend with the scientific method, for synaptic pulses and the binary open/close of dendrite mouths, long for nothing more than purity of chemistry and the artistry behind common physics.

3)                  The slow decay of the Mayan civilization mimics our own in this Great American tragicomedy, beknownst of economic liberalization and free market ideals.

4)                  Loving love is something behind physics and the American way which has subverted its meaning from physical feelings accompanied by internal orchestration, to scientific language of hormonal expressions, bared-knees of the skin to which parted lips dispense comfort.

5)                  Comfort and the lips of a scientist congeal under the glistening tear drops of small children, who have on their cherub-faced knees, all the wonder and want for those compassionate scientific lips.