Touching the Ceiling is Touching the Floor, Only from Above

by Rabbit Angstrom

1. It uncurls in your hand like an autumn leaf but fails to recall your happiness.


2.  A triangle is the sum of its angles a priori.


3.  Leaning on the lens of psychotropics leaves you with restless legs and akithisia.


4.  Body English is employed to spin the ball around the curvature of your armpit.


5.  Awaiting close physical proximity makes you worrisome, then anxious for impending contact.


6. It evades your will to stop it, even while it is happening and the door closes and then there are the walls with their shifting yellow wall paper. It rings a bell inside your soul even when you are wary of its true nature.


7. If only all of this could be recounted in a tidy fashion, emotion is anything but, and words are insufficient and inaccurate to encapsulate the true nature of what really is going on in love.