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Practicing Angel - song

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I thought I saw you once When you were still quite young Surveying great beauty Like a rain shower in the sun And I can still hear them nearby Those sharp voices of our youth Shouting with pleasure in the fields While looking at the sky

Guess I'm Finally Over You - song

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All this broken glass in the road Tells the longest story l have ever told Of how you lost your life and I my love And how you still go wandering above I don't know how I can return To the planet where we used to thrive Along this broken

Song In the American Soul - song

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Through the lonely night All the roads are breathing While somewhere on the road The American soul lies bleeding The past is all in yellow The future’s all in blue While living in the moment Has lost its rosy hue

Dances With Anyone - song

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Dances with anyone That is her name Cause she dances with anyone And she is to blame My cheating ways Never saw the light of day Until she came into my life Now she’s gonna have to pay Yes, she dances with anyone She dances with th

Must Not Be a Working Bird

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I said, “That bird is hungry.” The sparrow was eying both of us At our separate outside café tables As it hopped around looking for crumbs. Then it would look up at us Expectantly.

Song: Three Good Hubcaps, music by Tom Casesa

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2 Good Hubcaps

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I got 2 good hubcaps I'm feeling kinda low Instead of tooling down the highway I been going really slow Don't wanna lose another I can't afford that now Just passed my country store And hit my cousin’s cow How come I still keep drivi

1 Good Hubcap

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I got one good hubcap I lost the other 3 I just don’t know What the heck is wrong with me I got one good hubcap As you can plainly see The other 3 were seen Just a-hanging from a tree That’s what must’ve happened When I ran my car ri

Song: Nope, music by Tim Young, lyrics by Jerry Ratch

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No Good Hubcaps - song

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I got no good hubcaps My van is up on bricks It's held together with duct tape And a couple of crummy sticks I caught the guy who did this And tied him to a tree I kicked him in the windpipe And kicked him in the knee I'm a man witho

3 Pieces of a Broken Heart: song

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I ate 3 pieces of a broken heart I wonder who ate the rest? They may have eaten the best I don’t know and can’t even start To wonder how it got in such a mess 3 pieces of a broken heart You could tell it just fell apart

Shine a Light

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When they get done feasting On that lonely body Shine a light, O shine a light On them and make them run They were smiling, O yes They were smiling all the way Down from the sky And they grew sated O yes, they were sated on the plain

Picture of You: Song

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Here’s a picture of you Lit up by the internal light Of the moon. It was a Super moon that night And the story of God Had not been told And we had to wait a good Long time to hear it out in the cold And I was the King of Fishers

Going Back in Time: Song

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If we go back in time We are living in tents If we go back in time We are living in caves We are fighting over rivers We are fighting over fields Near the soft edges of slime If we go back in time Nothing would have us And we had t

Song for the Commander and Thief

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No more poetry for skanks Thanks Especially those in tanks No more elegies or thanks Just leave them for the ranks No more drinking with the Hanks No more poetry for skanks Thanks No more poetry for skanks Enough with the banks Tha