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Release My Pajamas

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And then I heard “Yea, for I have seen the Father The Son, and the Holy Toast” Okay now, something up was weird

Bacon, Beer, and Bloody Marys

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On Sunday mornings I don’t eat dairy Just bacon, beer, and Bloody Marys I’d rather grab a pool stick and a beer I saw you riding with him In his old pickup truck I meant to say good riddance But I just said good luck

You Can Spank Me, It's Okay

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It’s okay, you can take me home and spank me My bad, my bad, you can go ahead and thank me Cause I may have been a bad, bad boy You’ll be glad to know, O boy I know how bad you wanted to hear those words Falling from my lips like little bir

It Mighta Coulda Been Me

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I don’t know who ran down your old pet skunk I admit last night I was a little drunk So it sorta mighta coulda been me Yep it mighta coulda been me I didn’t really like him all that much And he kinda sorta, well, he kinda stunk

Dead Ringer

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I’m on the toilet writing “Dead Ringer” When the doorbell rings And there’s no one there Except a bluebird that sings Like my mother long gone Which all at once turns into a tiny woman Sitting on a limb Smiling down at me And she’s sin

Flash In the Pan; Song

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He needs to stay away from you Cause you’re his deadly poison You’re his snake hanging from the tree In the nightly garden Only his face is breaking up You can’t see him anymore Cause when you walked into the room He slipped right out the

I Swear the Devil Stole My Bible and Such

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I swear the devil stole my bible I had a whole stack of them Around here somewhere I saw him smiling to himself A smile about a mile wide And then he slipped right out the door And went inside the tent Across the river where I went A

I Had a Dream

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I was born into a perpendicular world I held Vertigo in my arms once And gave her a good squeeze That she just couldn’t get out of her head Then she would follow me around the perimeter Where my breath was being held Against my will Ah,

A Motor Like God

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I thought I saw the boys driving by With their raw loud pipes exposed to the sky Blasting in the faces of the old passersby Who can’t understand a word of their loud cries But what’s that they’re saying after all When they got you pinned aga

Giant Lobster Hands

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He sure can play piano With those giant lobster hands In his ratty raccoon coat And his old black cowboy hat They really do express What’s been hidden deep Inside his heart and limbs That makes every woman weep His boots of Spanish lea

The Light Of the Face

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We all have our place But it’s always there, isn’t it Streaming throughout our lives The light of the face Where most of the soul comes to rest We see it best when the hard wind blows Cause in the course of events The wind will know our

I've Seen Worse

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We met at a bar We didn’t get far We went to her car Then back to the bar I played guitar She was a rock star We met at a bar We didn’t get far

The End of History

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Well, I walked in on you, then you walked out on me And that was when it happened – the end of history And that should have been sufficient But I think you know it wasn’t I remember it was you who told me Dreams are only efficient when illusio

After the Logical Wars

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There is fire under the earth Where the dragon has spoken So you have only 13 seconds To turn around and fly away Or else they’ll blow wind and fire Up and down your spine There’s no need to drown Or hide anything There are still men

Supermarket Blues

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Man on aisle nine looking for the answer to cancer Will the partially clothed couple on aisle four please put the rest of their clothing back on If you are finished doing whatever it was you were doing? Man on aisle five trying to imagine Whil