The End of History

by Jerry Ratch

Well, I walked in on you, then you walked out on me 
And that was when it happened — the end of history 
And that should have been sufficient 

But I think you know it wasn't 


I remember it was you who told me 

Dreams are only efficient when illusions are gone 

Well, have you seen the faces in the clouds lately? 

Mine's the one that is angry 


And all this broken glass that's in the road 
Tells the longest story I have ever told 
Of what's been lost and what's been sold 

Of what we toss and what we hold 


Yeah, I walked in on you with another man 
And you walked out on me then, damn 
That was when it hit me, this was no mystery 
This was the end of history 


The end of history 

The end of history 

Damn, I am angry! Damn! 

Why, why did you need another man? 


What once was hot has now grown cold 

And that was the end of history 

Yeah, this is the end of history 

So I've been told 


Just gimme another jar of beer 
And I'll be okay, okay? 
Just let me lay here for awhile 
The dark cloud above me will maybe go away 


This is the end of history 

S' what I been told 

But this is cold 

This is cold, so cold, so cold