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Wishbones: a song

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one for the sorrow two for the joy three for a girl and four for a boy hey magpie their fair isn't fair hey magpie what's ours is all theirs six for the rich with five from the poor secret handshakes and bolts on the door hey magpie their fair isn't fair hey magpie we'll…

When I Asked You to Sing at My Funeral

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It's because poetry would not do because the fireflies were alive that night, aflame

Bangers in the Hangers

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Banger in the Hanger

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Flo Rida!

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Ida Ho

Heroine Sleeve The Bones of Your Image In Three Songs

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they rip the invisible stitches and race over the surface of the distance between us and kiss.

Uncanny Valley, Goodbye

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When not enough is left to utterThe syllables it takes to say,Goodbye--Disassembled and developed,Laid upon the ground,Like the girded gridlockOn your smog befitted brow...Goodbye.And what if I said, hello?What if I said, good day?Would it change your sunken bodyAnd repair…

A Different Song

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For the first time in her life Debra would be able to feel the music as it blazed around her, the smoke of it choking and thick. Marta smiled at that thought and returned inside where she sat down on the couch and didn’t mind if she ever wore clothes agai

That Whistle of Yours

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At the end of the documentary film of my life, there would be your whistle.

Wandering Kisses

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Your wandering kisses entered my soul Then my flesh, then my holes You filled them all Like a Norwegian hall Like a Swedish sailor Drunk with ale You fell inside me And you’re falling still It was a thrill I can’t sit still I got a chi

I've Been Better Too

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Yes, I‘ve pulled my own heart apart I shouldn’t start Well, guess what, my fiction isn’t really fiction But I guess you know that now, don’t you? As for me, I don’t mind the tar As much as the feathers So you can run me out of town Anytime


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I felt I should write a song To tell you what you meant to me Something I needed to find inside That surprised even me I was blinded by myself And couldn’t see that well What did I do to deserve you? I never knew I’d been through h

The Sworn Virgins of Albania

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Among the Sworn Virgins of Albania She must have lived far too long I could not pry her legs apart Even with a thong

Jazz Torn

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Lungs bursting in the alleyways trying to keep with the beat.

For J.S. Bach’s Three-hundred-twenty-eighth Birthday

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To listen is to feel embodied reason// sing and dance with consummate grace