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Soccer Tease Nerdvana Ballsa Wood Pulp Friction Spam Folder Fetal Position Wayne Newton’s Yacht Late Bloomers Sir Real Geese

Yikes, Bands Again!

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Monkey Business Low Ceiling Wagging Tongues Guest Sweet Murphy’s Law Kinda Hot Stopit! Freedom Ring Lumpy Oatmeal

Bands, Again?

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Monkey Business Low Ceiling Wagging Tongues Guest Sweet Murphy’s Law Kinda Hot Stopit! Freedom Ring Lumpy Oatmeal Better Not Butter Up Grumpy Umpire

Mo Bands

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Beeswax Just Kill Me Beam Me Up Deep-Fried Twinkie End of Lust Hootchie and the Eye Patch Boy Crazy Instant Success Sleeping Geezers Cyber Shoes

A Small Deer By the Side of the Road: Song

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I saw a small deer by the side of the road, driving home under darkness, while the wind was under a rose.

Are We Having Fun Yet?

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I was walking my Belgian Wafflehound Past the Belgian waffle shop I found a penny on the ground And did a tiny little hop I spun around and went inside The Belgian waffle shop And bought a little waffle For my Belgian Wafflehound I

A Sixth of a Cow in the Freezer

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Got a sixth of a cow in the freezer That’s not meant to be just a teaser I guess all I’m sayin’ Come on home and you'll be stayin’ Cause I got a sixth of a cow in the freezer

Taking Things Personal

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When a man steals your woman That’s one thing But when he steals your woman and your dog He done a bad thing Get yourself some whiskey and your truck Or some Colt 44 Put a rifle in your rack And show him what for

May the Hot Santa Ana Winds Quit Rocking My Mother’s Trailer at the Nudist Camp Tonight

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a song, without notes, or a tune, or lyrics either

Surf Song

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Morning. A hot bright sun shines down on the cool dark depths of the deep blue sea.

The 27 Club

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Jimi, Jim, and Janis Kurt and Amy too They died and gone to heaven And fit inside a shoe Room 114’s where they lie Their eyes wide open

Mocking Bird

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There were always mocking birds around my house.

Truth Serum: Song

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It's pretty clear how much of the truth Is the truth

The Finger of Love

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Wasn’t that you Giving me the finger Or was it just A dead ringer For the finger of love? Finger of love Finger of love Did you find someone’s dog do On your doorstep last night Something didn’t smell right In the middle of the night

Bring the Whole Sea

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They would not heed my words at all ‘cause they could not read the writing on the wall They were way too short They were way too tall They took a tumble They took a big fall They met Humpty Dumpty in the bathroom stall They were way too sh