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The Rock & The Crow

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Once upon a time there was a large rock. It wasn't anywhere near the size of even a small boulder, and at the same time much too big to be any sort of pebble. And so it was simply a large rock, which the rock thought was just fine. …

Soups Up

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There was a knock at the door. Art stopped stirring the pot, put his wooden spoon down, and lowered the heat on the burner before going to see who it…

A Nap

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I opened my eyes and blinked at the brilliance until they adjusted. There was an echoing roar in my ears and a salt kiss on the air and my feet were half buried; I heard a shrill cry overhead and watched a shadow …

Killzone Excerpt: Route Of Discovery

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Killzone patrolled alone that cold, winter night. His thoughts revolving around her. Walking as if he was chasing her shadow. Eventually, he came across a transit station. He then realized he had no ride, and was very tired from walking. Only option was to take the…

Killzone Excerpt: Feeding The Wrong Fire

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"To feed the wrong fire, is to burn the house in the wrong forest." -Shan Shaikh

Killzone Excerpt: Curse or Gift?

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He charged into the house with great might, swinging the door open so hard the nails on the hinges were pulled right off.

Killzone Excerpt: Tough Guys Love Too

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"Hey, how long we staying in this death yard man? I'm getting the creeps just looking at these graves."

Killzone Excerpt: Not All Dreams Die

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He awoke, suddenly, as he felt the drops of sweat running down his face.Dehydration derived from the sweltering heat. He pulled the sheets away and sat on the foot of his bed. It was pitch black in the room. He thought about what woke him; a dream he had. The dream…

Time is (Almost Up)

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I'm not mad. My world has become precise to the point of absurdity but it's not my fault. And I still have my sanity, even now when I can tell it's almost time. When I'm almost out of time.Oh, how I used to look forward to it! The time would come for the ritual to …

Killzone Excerpt: The Island (Day 1)

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They had a fleet of 45 battle cruisers, 3 command ships, and over 450 soldiers heading towards the city of Drayka. Killzone's squad was one of the 5 forwarding squads, meaning they would be one of the first ones to set foot on the battlefield. Killzone's orders were…

And Then There Were Ninjas

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Benefit Tonight

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(Night. Two police officers stand at the bottom of the steps of a metropolitan museum, checking tickets. Spotlights sweep the sky; only a few stars are visible through the ambient glow of the city. A banner hanging on the front of the building reads: BENEFIT…


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I took this workshop once. A Life Fulfillment Seminar provided by J___ Mutual Funds. That was the kind of thing the guy talked about: Motivational Factors putting you Over the Top.

Killzone Excerpt: The Island (Day 56)

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He rose up from the ground, already feeling the headache left from the fall. He tasted blood. It was coming from his nose and lip.


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T-Rex's arms are very short, so he uses his mouth to catch and throw the frisbee. The disc, an allopleuron shell, comes flying toward him and his powerful jaw muscles tense in anticipation. When he catches the turtle shell he wants to crush it between his teeth and knows…