Killzone Excerpt: Feeding The Wrong Fire

by Shan Shaikh

She was one of the odd ones like him. He had seen her around a few times in the aid camps at the base. She must've been a rescue from the cities, he thought. She was getting acquainted with him quite quickly. It was a little too fast for him, but it wasn't new. He had been through this situation before. It was an old ritual since man met woman. It wasn't long until they began to mingle more often. Enough to get to know each other's background. She knew little about him, but he seemed to read her easier than anyone he had met before. It was dark when he offered her dinner. It wasn't something she seemed likely to dismiss, so she agreed. They both were curious, but Killzone moved about timidly. He bought the dinner from the cold and dark shop on the corner by the highway. The highway that lead into the misty city. They sat, and he tried to enjoy, but she was obviously having more fun than him. It was clear she wanted more from this encounter. Something she couldn't seem to find in anyone else. He respected that, but he couldn't seem to take it. They were sitting down. He was trying to enjoy his meal, but she continued the journey to crack him open. To receive the same actions. To derive meaning from his silence. He stood up. He apologized for the inconvenience, but said he had to leave. He was happy that she was well fed, but could no longer stay. As he walked away, his body was completely against him. How his body was shriveling up because he denied something, someone, who would've made him happy. What his body didn't know though, was that his mind knew someone who could make him happier. He could meet a million, but none like the one. They could befriend him, award him, love him, but they could never take her place.