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Manolos kill feet but save lives [over 18s only]

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Rape me. At least, I think that's what you said. Or was it your clothes? Yes, that was it.

Tuesday Night

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She comes in with her white bag with its floral patterns scattered, almost accidentally, all around it

Trunk stories

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She’s there... I don’t think I’ve ever seen my father this naked. Ever.

The Longfellow Bridge Diaries: Part 2

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They sway from his hips, the torn knapsack, and the corners of the pushcart


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I can't rememberI woke up in the hotel room lying on the double bed staring at the ceiling. The room was painted white with one window, overlooking a brick wall, shut tight so I couldn't open it. The door leading to the outside looked appealing so I got up out…

Inaccurate Recollection

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Q: How do you explain immaculate conception?


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The leadoff hitter must be comfortable accepting that he will almost never be the hero and will not be anyone's favorite and he will not be the baseball card that is traded for simply because his skills and abilities are subtle.


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When you were trying to make a date to fuck wouldn't a little enthusiasm, even fake enthusiasm go a long way?


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"leaves &damage, &shifts of shape"

Memory Loss, or Shitty Stand Ins

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Do not listen to Christmas music out of season. Unless of course you want to ruin Christmas music. Forever.

Santa’s stuck

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The lard-arsed ol’bastard struggling soot-faced and yelling. . . .

Michael & The Reaper

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That sound. Bone against bone. Skin across skin. Blood fraying into the unknown dark. He loved that sound.

Hobo Junction

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“How much is stuff worth? Stuff man! Bling! Cargo! STUFF! What's it worth to you? It ain't worth a shit, man! Clean clothes! Comfortable shoes! A ride! Those things are important! But they’re only stuff.

abalone fishing

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after several beers this woman told me once/(when I was maybe 15)

Harvesting Brains Pastoral

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A bawdy secretary languishes behind the farmer, translating the squealing gray matter and scratching her rectangular nose obsessively.