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Greet Death

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where are you now?


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It is hunting season in Jersey today. They say “There are too many deer in Jersey today.”


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a big silent western sky

My Wild

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Across the lake, there is a camp for the deaf.

The City's Not For You

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You left your quiet life for a home in the city.

Samantha’s Note to Her Husband

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By February, I had decided, That you'd tear out my throat every morning if it meant your favorite song would play from my neck.

Three Short Pieces

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#spotify / Elevators / Sky Burial Monologue

Chlorine Dream

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death spoke in a swimming pool in late june:

Opening Line

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I cannot read one more award winning novel by a female Asian author about the atrocities committed against their childhood, she thought. Then she sat down with her trusty yellow pad and Papermate fineline to write the next lyrical story of a female Asian writer and the…

What I Learned About Death While Eating Dark Chocolate

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85% extra dark cocoa:/biting into bitter darkness

Food & Treasure

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She wakes up with rosemary.

Before I Die

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Deep June Pool

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I may be the shadow that I am, but I only ever loved you.

Animal Crush

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two pairs of arms and legs

Goodnight, Travel Well

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An excerpt.