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I take sole custodyof my actionsof my choiceseven the oneto be choicelessbut I cannothelp wonderif we mighthave survivedif you hadstepped offthe bleachersstrode onto the fieldgotten into the gamewith meinstead ofintermittentlyclapping fromthe sidelines.

Birth and Death of a Concrete Icon

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Homer relaxes in his tan, faded recliner, remote in hand, and watches death unfold on his television.


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There were no animals in our house when we were growing up. Except my father, of course. And the uncles who came to feast at our carcasses. Now I am old enough to know who the pets were. Now I have a shelter rescued puppy who sits by my feet and licks them when remembering…


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Other womenother writershave not hadthis easy lifethat I endure.Struggling tolive by theirwits, their workthe klink of coinsin their handswhat they haveearned themselves.Children thy haveraisedperhaps raisingthemselves;neglected, alone.Or not havingenoughto eat, to read.My…

White Dress in the Dark

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Inside my body she lives in the darkwhich is sometimes a forest that she cannot traversesometimes the thickness of tar that she cannot escapesometimes the dark is in her, sometimes she is the darkthat lives inside my body.Her frail girl's body, long braids hanging down her…

West Side of the Tracks

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The bus heads west on Route 36, toward the next stop – Howell, New Jersey. After driving ten minutes, and after crossing the tracks, the bus gets a flat.


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When all is said and donewhy am I here in the kitchenamidst dirty dishesstruggling to find my true selfwhile you go off to meditateto find your higher self?


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I used to wonderif watching me imprisonedby the Patriarchy(A word I had not learnt)made my beautiful girlwant only to be with women:that is what theVery Smart Psychiatrist said.Or later, chameleon likemy other beautiful girlbecame a miniature youin defiance of all lawsof…

The Road to Nowhere

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Why is it when I was lost I felt no misdirection at all only panic filling my lungs with every breath.And having found finding myself, alone, surrounded by unknown uncharted terrain I am filled with wonder and joyful refrain.

Caprice Classic

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A cloud of light, white smoke floated out of the driver’s side window. Nate and Zach sat on the front bench seat, talked, and puffed away. “Breath in and say Mom is coming,” said Zach.

Had I Love You

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a rule maker, a ball breaker, inadequate as a wife and mother....

Putting the Fun in Funeral

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The funeral was a blast. One helluva time. We all had the time of our lives. Well, all of us except Dominic. It pissed me off that Dominic didn’t have fun. After all, he was the center of attention. The whole day was about him, and we spared no expense


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have you not woken from a dream with another's words...


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I have spent my lifebeing loud, strident, trite.Trumpeting like a swan?More like honking goose-like.Of all the ears that could not hearthe deafest one was mine.


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He likes to watch me, unseen,in the head heavy with griefleaning against the cold tiles;my bulging bellyoverhanging with untold secrets;my Botticelli flankaching from a neglected spine;the clear waterrunning down my legsdiffused with the urineof failed…