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The Tale of the Donut and the Éclair

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“I scheduled some time today to talk to you about something…something important. Since you’re going on with your life, leaving everything you’ve known so far, you’re going to need some information about sex.”

Turkey Day

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Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house they went, Will and his new girlfriend Emma from Atlanta for the annual family dinner and drunken disaster in Allendale.

The Bad-Smell Commute

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A lady gets on the train and smells like candy-flavored vomit and smokes. She's pleasant enough, but now it's clear she reeks of pickles, too. Another lady keeps her distance as they talk. They talk as pleasant as can be. Now there's onions in the air. There's no…

That's How It Went

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“Alice, for the umpteenth time, it’s the blood pressure meds that make it hard… well, doesn’t make it hard… I mean… You know what I mean. Viagra works, but you—”

That's How It Went (rev)

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Alice said, “I just don’t turn you on.” Turner threw back the covers, and got out of bed. “You mean I can’t get it up.” “That’s the same thing.”

Looking For Olivia

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Through a curtain of dark hair only part of the girl's face could be seen. Her expression embodied a reticent sort of tolerance.

A Christmas Surprise

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"John is going to love it when he finds out that it pees," Bobby said. Kelly laughed and dropped a towel on the floor.

Long Term Medical Plan

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“It's going to be hitting around the mid-90's tomorrow” said the television expert. “So what? Like 1995?” “Maybe, perhaps even '96” “Does this mean I should break out my Backstreet Boys record?” …

Scene from the Clinic

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No way to know why she's here, but scars and scabs can hold more information than a file or chart.

Piggy Bank

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He shivered in his robe and pajama pants as the showdown with the piggy bank continued on this dark winter’s night. He couldn’t resist the cute dots for eyes, the stubby legs and perked up ears.

The Scholiasts

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It was already 3:30 PM. Where had all the time gone? Linda looked up from her computer monitor over at Carlos, who had his face intently pointed at his. "We have to go soon," she said. "We want to avoid rush hour traffic.""Where did we put the address?" Carlos answered, not…

My Body has a Mind of it's Own

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The more my mind forgot, the harder my body remembered.

Gray Feline Beauty

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Her gray sinewy body is Michelangelo's Panther....

Sparking a sneeze

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I asked her about it in the schoolyard, the rough white bandage covering the accident of her marriage, tapes cordoning off the scene of the crime. Two fingers held together, for better or worse, for sickness, for poorer, for a few weeks more…

Boy Toy

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Sometimes you can't sleep.