Killzone Excerpt: Curse or Gift?

by Shan Shaikh

He charged into the house with great might, swinging the door open so hard the nails on the hinges were pulled right off. He could never hide what was inside. No matter how hard they trained him. No matter how hard he fought it. Whatever his body wanted to do, it would do. Especially during the moments where the blood is pulsating through his body and his eyes appear to be two spheres forged in the darkest recesses of hell. His body has no limits. It's been pushed further than any human or foreign being alive. As he was in the room, he tried to calm himself down. Trying very hard to think of something else. Think not of the dark scene he just created. Think not of the lives he just shred away, or the lives scarred. This animal inside him. It was so very different from him, yet so alike. How could he fight instinct? How could he fight habit? He's always been told that what he does makes a difference in the lives of many people. To some degree, that statement is true.


He finally calmed himself down enough to breathe at a rate normal for a "human". The sound of the crowd was still very alive. It wouldn't be long before the nearby bases would respond to the distress calls. Then again, the city wasn't exactly best friends with the soldiers that patrolled their cities with laws of their own. He had to move. He had to leave. The city was no longer a place of safety. Especially after what he just pulled off. He collected whatever belongings he had, which was really just his backpack filled with Intel recovered from his base and several others, and fled the city.


He needed to learn how to control the urge. The urge that turned him into a blood thirsty animal. The urge that removed any bit of rationality right out of his mind. This curse, this gift. It can't be removed, so it must be tamed.