Killzone Excerpt: Not All Dreams Die

by Shan Shaikh

He awoke, suddenly, as he felt the drops of sweat running down his face.Dehydration derived from the sweltering heat. He pulled the sheets away and sat on the foot of his bed. It was pitch black in the room. He thought about what woke him; a dream he had. The dream was still so alive--the images were playing on the rusty, chrome wall. He got up, and embraced the darkness as he made his way to the kitchen. He turned the light dial clockwise, just enough to see the faucet and cups. As he poured himself some water in the unknown time of day or night, he thought long and hard about the dream. He was lost? No, he was stranded. It was an island. He wasn't alone. No, he had company. She was there as well. They were both lost and stranded on this mysterious island. Killzone walked over to the chair in the den to try to replay every step in the dream. They acknowledged each other first. They tried to figure out why they were there, and how they got there. It didn't take long for an argument to spark. It was his fault. No, it was her fault. It got them nowhere. They had to find shelter. They walked in one direction until they found a cozy cave near the shore. Days went by, and they were still stranded. They made best of their situation. He would find food, while she made the shelter a more convenient place to live. Eventually, they began to enjoy each other's company. They would laugh and have fun by the beach. Watch as the sun would set, admiring the wide range of colors made by the glistening of the sun's rays on the water.  It was no longer painful. It didn't matter anymore how long it would take until they were found. They were just fine where they were.


Killzone stopped replaying the steps from the dream. He put the cup down and closed his eyes for a few seconds. “It's not fair.” he thought. “Why am I torturing myself?” He knew there was more to the dream. He played the steps again. It felt like years had gone by in the dream. The island was their home now. They lived happy by themselves, until there was a frightening storm. It came through the island with such might; the two had to leave their home. The storm was trying to separate them. As they were leaving, the storm came right over them. They tried to run, but the storm was much quicker. The winds were trying to pull them apart. He grabbed her hand, and she grabbed his. The winds continued to pull. They looked at each other with such fear and sadness. Then, there was a sound. Thunder. He looked away for one second, and she almost slipped out of his grasp. He looked back at her, pale and filled with fear, but she had a smile. A small smile. A smile with so much more to tell. She let go of his hand.


Killzone had finished his cup of water, but continued to put the cup to his mouth as if there was still something left. But, he knew. Deep down inside he knew, that there was nothing left…