Killzone Excerpt: Tough Guys Love Too

by Shan Shaikh

"He was only 22, I believe." said Mike. "22? Wow." replied Killzone. "Yup. Dude was crazy. Started making his house a lair of depression, haha." "Well, I'm sure he went out from time to time." Killzone said. "Nah, I doubt it man. This dude was just beyond help. All for a girl. Ha. If you ever see me stress over something like that man. Take my gun. Press it against my head. And pull the trigger." said Mike, with a lack of sarcasm. Killzone didn't say anything for a minute. A minute that seemed to last ages. He was thinking about the man. He thought: “What a shame. Smart guy. Pretty fit. Humorous. He was in the prime of his life! But, he threw it all away. Why? Why would he do a stupid thing like that?” It was terrorizing Killzone's mind. He must have had a good reason. No one would do that for no particular reason. Of course not.



"Hey, how long we staying in this death yard man? I'm getting the creeps just looking at these graves." said Mike, bringing his gun up to his shoulder. "Huh? Oh, you can leave if you want." "You sure you'll be alright by yourself man?" "Yeah. Just tell the commander I went to get something from the engineering shack." said Killzone. "Alright..." said Mike, taking a few steps away from Killzone. "Hey, James?" "Yeah?" replied Killzone. "You alright?" "Oh, yeah man. Don't worry about me." answered Killzone. Mike turned, and continued walking. Killzone returned his attention to the tombstone.






His name was scratched off. It was marble. Whoever did it really didn't want his name there. "Why'd you do it?" asked Killzone, acting as if the man would rise from the grave and answer his question. "You had everything. Everything. You know what I would do if I was in your position. I'd enjoy my life. What happened to you?" No response. He stood there, looking at the grave. As still as he could be. So still.


Killzone knew the feeling of falling in love. Or at least, his version of it. He was still hoping to find her again. But, this guy. Who sleeps 6 feet under the ground. He just couldn't take it. He fought for this girl all the way to his death. The question arose. “What was his reason?” Killzone thought about it for a minute. He created a scenario for the young man. Maybe she didn't love him? Maybe she was just not ready to start a relationship? Maybe she hated his guts? Maybe he wasn't the only one on her mind? There were endless possibilities. Killzone sighed and began his return to the base. Suddenly, a shattering of glass was heard off in the distance. Killzone turned immediately, pulling out his weapon. His eyes were scoping the area so quick, it was almost robotic. He saw no one, except a shine in the distance. It was coming from an object to his right. It was a mirror. He could see his reflection. He relaxed his nerves and muscles, and returned to a state of curiosity. Just peering into the mirror. It was that moment, Killzone answered his question. He smiled, and continued his journey.


Love doesn't have a reason. It's unexpected. It can be developed. It can be destroyed. It's mushy. It's rough like a rock. It can never really be forgotten. It's a mistake. It's the best choice of your life. It can be turned into a lesson. It can be used against you. You could call it the most powerful thing in our existence. Whether you like it or not, you're gonna meet Love. And you better be ready for it.