by Loyola Landry

T-Rex's arms are very short, so he uses his mouth to catch and throw the frisbee. The disc, an allopleuron shell, comes flying toward him and his powerful jaw muscles tense in anticipation. When he catches the turtle shell he wants to crush it between his teeth and knows that he can easily, but doesn't. It's good to know that he can, though. T-Rex turns so that he is looking backward over his own shoulder and then whips his neck around quickly to throw the frisbee back to Brachiosaurus, who catches it with his tail.

High above them burning through the heavens is a meteor, bright enough to be seen even in the light of day. There are very high trees, though not high enough that Brachiosaurus can't feed on them, and clouds that somewhat obscure the view of the sky as well, but Brachiosaurus and T-Rex can make out the meteor clearly. They like to look at it from time to time, check that it is still there.

- Sure is hot today, says Brachiosaurus as he launches the shell back toward T-Rex.

T-Rex catches it and tosses it back before succumbing to a violent fit of coughing, a deep hacking in his lungs.

- Damn cigarettes, says T-Rex, I should really quit.

- I didn't know you smoke, says Brachiosaurus, eyeing T-Rex's small forelimbs.

Brachiosaurus didn't know that T-Rex could smoke with arms that short and wonders how he manages it. T-Rex flexes his arms self-consciously; he knows that his arms may be short but they are very strong.

- Yeah, says T-Rex, I picked it up a few years ago and can't get myself to stop.

- My old lady wants me to stop, says Brachiosaurus.

- That makes sense. You two've got eggs to think about now and all.

- Yeah. But I didn't sign up for a total life change, you know?

- Ha. I get that.

They throw the frisbee in silence for a while. Suddenly T-Rex lifts his head and starts sniffing about. He runs into a thicket of trees and returns a moment later crunching down the last of an ankylosaurus, blood dripping from his chin. Brachiosaurus turns his head and looks away.

- Hey, could you not do that around me?

- Sorry, says T-Rex. Let's take a break for a minute, I want to smoke.

T-Rex and Brachiosaurus light up and stand around smoking. Brachiosaurus pays close attention when T-Rex has to bend his neck almost double and strain his arms in order to make the flame from his lighter barely touch his cigarette. They both look up into the sky.

- I'm really curious about what that thing is, says Brachiosaurus.

- It looks sort of like the ember at the end of a cigarette, says T-Rex.

- Y'know, you're right.

T-Rex starts coughing again, louder than before.