Killzone Excerpt: The Island (Day 1)

by Shan Shaikh

They had a fleet of 45 battle cruisers, 3 command ships, and over 450 soldiers heading towards the city of Drayka. Killzone's squad was one of the 5 forwarding squads, meaning they would be one of the first ones to set foot on the battlefield. Killzone's orders were simple: Find The Prophet, capture him, and bring him back to Vetra where he will be tried in front of the United Intergalactic Court on the destruction of the Mark Treaty 56 and the countless lives lost since the dawn of the war, including destruction of planets and cities beyond count. What Killzone's orders didn't mention was that they would have to fight through almost half of the entire armada controlled by The Prophet, to get to him. Killzone had no say in whether or not he wanted to go and fight, but he was going to anyway. The other Prophets gave him the order to go and finish their brother, but that wasn't all. Killzone knew she would be there. The Prophets assured it. So, Killzone would fight, no matter what.


As Killzone's ship was descending from the sky onto the city, he began to go over the plan with his squad. "Okay. So we're finally here everyone. The moment you guys have been waiting for since you finished basic training. We're gonna find The Prophet, and we're bringing him back home." The roar of the metal wearing beasts they called Novas waved their guns in the air. Liek true soldiers. "Let me go over the plan again. We're gonna push forward on the east side of the city. When we get close to The Citadel, we will split up. Mike, Nick, and Nathan are gonna head straight for the marked support location in the building west of The Citadel. Chris, Lee, and I will go straight for The Prophet. If all the other squads do their jobs, these flesh eating bugs won't stand a chance." The ships back doors began to open. "Alright here we go soldiers! Everyone should stick to the plan, remember no hero shit!" "Then we should keep you in the ship.” said Nick sarcastically. The squad had their last laugh before they hopped of their ride home, and into their ticket back.


They pushed forward according to plan. Lead and plasma were flying everywhere. The results of someone standing up could be fatal. Killzone's squad, as well as others, made their shots count. So did the "flesh eaters". As the squads were approaching The Citadel, an urgent message was sent across all squad leader headsets. "Come in all squad leaders! The Prophet is being moved out of The Citadel and being extracted! I repeat, The Prophet is being extracted!" As Killzone was firing his weapon, he heard the message. He took cover and stared at the ground. His ears went mute for a few seconds. Bullets were still flying, and the squads were still fighting. When Killzone looked up, he saw Mike, Nick, and Nathan heading up into the building. When Killzone looked back, he saw all the squad leaders looking right back at him. They knew as well as Killzone did that if no one moves their positions right now, The Prophet will escape and they will probably never get a chance like this again. If The Prophet escapes, he takes her with him too. Killzone could not let that happen. Killzone wouldn't let that happen. He took one more glance at his men, smiled, and stood up. Immediately he was pressed with fire. Without his armor, Killzone would've died instantly. He ran to his left to try to flank some of the enemy squads. He succeeded. He took down a full squad and still remained unharmed. He began to think as quick as he could. "Where could The Prophet's extraction point be?" "How can I get there in time?" "Is she still with him?" Killzone thought the best way to scout for an extraction point was from high ground. So, Killzone began to fight his way up one of the tallest structures in the galaxy. As Killzone reached the 34th floor, he found an open window, and began scouting for an extraction point. The sight of the city was so horribly beautiful, it would never be forgotten. With very little time and enemies closing in, Killzone had to move quick. There was a building right across from the window. It was his only option. He jumped out and aimed for the roof. Killzone's calculations weren't very precise, but he managed to grab a hold of the ledge. He pulled himself up, and continued to dodge enemy fire. As he stood up, he saw a silver plated extraction cruiser. It was The Prophet. Killzone ran towards the cruiser, disregarding the fact that he was on a 30 story building. He jumped from one building, to another, to another. As he neared the cruiser, The Prophet's guards spotted him. The guards weren't like the enemies found back in the battlefield. These were Dreadlocks. 9 feet tall beasts. Weighing probably 1 and a half tons. They began charging him immediately. Soon after Killzone acknowledged the two enormous beasts heading his way, he saw something else. A sight he would never forget. The Prophet looked dead into his eyes with fear, and she, being pulled by The Prophet, looked at Killzone with an emptiness coated with oozing fear. The moment he had been waiting for was finally here, and he wasn't going to screw it up. He charged the Dreadlocks. He unloaded an entire magazine of his rifle into one of the Dreadlocks' knee, crippling it. The other grabbed Killzone. The cruiser's burners began to start up. Killzone was enraged, and was shaking from anxiety at the same time. The Dreadlock would not let Killzone move. Out of the chaos, there was a yell. "James, help me! Please!" It was her voice. It was her cry. This sound was like someone was taking Killzone's life away, and he couldn't do anything about it. Killzone looked straight into the Dreadlocks's eyes, and he was no longer human. The purple steam like mist began to pour out of Killzone as "The Beast" was taking over. Still not knowing how to control it, "The Beast" did whatever it needed to break free. But today, they both wanted the same thing. Killzone broke free of the Dreadlocks's grip, and cut open its chest with his blade like hands. As fast as "The Beast" took over Killzone, it left.


The cruiser began to hover over the ground, and move in the direction away from the city. Killzone ran as fast as he could. Just as the cruiser was about to blast away, Killzone got a hold of the landing rails. The cruiser took off with great speed. Everyone in the city saw the spectacle of the silver shining cruiser flying away. Zeta squad immediately knew something was wrong. The wind was so strong, Killzone almost lost his grip. The back cruiser door opened. Right in front of Killzone stood The Prophet. He was just smiling at the soldier who made it his life duty to destroy The Prophet. "Are you uncomfortable?" said The Prophet with a straight face. "Let her go! I promise you, the minute I get in there I will kill you!" shouted Killzone. "Don't worry, I'm taking good care of her. I'll make sure to keep you posted on her status from time to time, okay?" Killzone's face was almost unrecognizable. His anger was pouring out of him. "When I get my hands on you-" "You're not going to do anything you fool! Don't you get it? I'm better than you! So stop this nonsense!" There was a pause between the two. Killzone was hanging on to his life. They were over the ocean of Daka now. "I'm not sorry for this war, but your brothers should be." The Prophet just gave him one last look, and closed the door. Killzone yelled for her. Cried for her. But, there was no response. Within seconds of the door closing, the cruiser tried to shake Killzone off. After three shakes or so, Killzone lost grip and fell some 55 feet into the ocean. He was knocked unconscious the minute he made contact with the water. 


When he regained consciousness, he was very disoriented. He coughed up some water, before finally realizing he was on the shore of a piece of land. He was bruised all across his right side, and sore everywhere else, but he still used whatever strength he had to sit up. He looked around and only saw trees that led into a small jungle. The only thing running through Killzone's mind was the last minutes he spent with her. He was hanging from the edge of an extraction cruiser. He could barely make out the city skyline from where he sat.  It didn't take long for Killzone to finally realize he was now stranded on a remote island. Killzone didn't say anything, but was thinking. "Will I be rescued?" "Do they know I'm gone?" "Can I survive here?" "Is there anyone else on this island?" Killzone just rubbed his eyes, and stood up. He needed to survive, and that's all he had to do. He looked around, and then walked into the jungle. As he walked, he had this blank expression. He was in so much shock, his body had no way of reacting. It was like his body was just doing whatever it felt like doing. When the realization of being stranded with probably very little food supply, no equipment, no med kits, no contacts, no map, and a failed mission, Killzone stopped walking. He began to cry. The last time he cried was at his mother's funeral. Killzone wanted that fall to end him. He didn't want to deal with the fact that he lost her, as well as The Prophet, again. But, the only thing he could do was survive. Just survive and hope for a miracle.