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The Avenues Of Occupation And Other Short Stories

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A vanishing of something we never got to see. All we've been left with are impressions, imaginings

I Was A Republican (For only one day, and it was a long, long, time ago.)

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There was gonna be a rumble in our schoolyard. An outright brawl. It was gonna be just like Blackboard Jungle. Only real. Not some movie at the Duwamish Drive-In. Every boy in my school, it seemed like, was lined up outside except me. All the third and fourth graders…

Kim Chow Click Click

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Ok American dogs. Here my first story I wrote when I only two days old! Then evil moderator delete me and story go away. Now I three days old. I try to remember.

My Plastic Dreams

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Once, in the past or future, but definitely not in the present, I worked as a transportation minister for a friendly dictator, whose name was neither Hitler, nor Stalin, nor Kim Jong-Un, but whose mustache was toothbrush, whose smile was sardonic to the p

The hills above St Florent

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Eighty years since we last leaned to the Right, we have already dug trenches in our head, built walls between skins and gods.

“Yo Donnie, Hawyadoon?”

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“Fine, Tony, fine. I'm brilliant . How many times have I got to tell you my name is Donald now. All the time you're with that disgusting, “Donnie,” a grammar school name. Get some class. You own the matzo factory now. You're not just another…

Hillary's Pantsuits

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Got laid off from the band called Hillary’s Pantsuits There was just no work Nowhere to go Nothing more we could do Is this the true Reneggnog? Where they pull your eggnog Away too soon As in Renege You know, Reneggnog ?

Garlic Butterflies and Jackson "Birdsquirt" Pollock

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Men, Real men Don't seem to like poetry All that much And don't want to get caught Reading it, in public at least Real men want to drink And cuss and spit In public And birdsquirt too Whatever that is They wanna go around Grabb

Be Here Now. Be There Soon

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I think I’m hearing Hitler’s boots On a bunch of older coots Running through the halls of power Underneath the raving tower I think I’m hearing Hitler’s boots On a bunch of older coots I’ve heard they’re selling a monarch’s coins

Who's Who, and What's What

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You can forget about the Who’s Who And the What’s What What I really want to know is How the heck the pain in my neck Travelled all the way down to My Ass, My Ass

Things You Should Know, By Heart, If You Must

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The light is always on in reality The Gelatinous Mass is not something made up By the Catholic Church And even though a small deer may have come to the side of the road once To lick the salt from your wounds There will definitely be cheap fish


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It was on the Fake News today, Oh boy They built a bridge from Alaska to Siberia Called the Bridge Over Troubled Waters Instead of a wall And Putin came riding bareback on a pink unicorn Into the White House and renamed it The White Horse,


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I write poems.


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These days, you seem to disappear like bread tasted and devoured

Shaken not stirred

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The warmth of the sun