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Sacrifice - 9 (Dammit! cont.)

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I saw a man I didn't recognize standing just outside the door staring at us. I had a feeling he'd been there awhile.

Sacrifice - 10 (Feedback)

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Please trust me, this is no dîner avec André.

Sacrifice - 11 (Who?)

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"Who is the most dangerous person in the world right now?"

Sacrifice - 12 (Tink)

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We both rose at once, filling the room again with the tangled intrusive sounds of aggravated steel springs and old wood.

Sacrifice - 13 (Gladys)

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"He's an autodidact. Taught himself to break free of the bonds of conventional thinking and into a realm very few people can manage."

Chapter 14 (Enough of the one-word titles!)

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Were Tink's arrogance helium the walls and ceiling of our little room would have blown outward, the gas then ripping the entire building from the ground, and lurching it into the stratosphere.

Chapter 15 (Tink is Pink)

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"We simply cannot take the risk."

Sacrifice - 16 (Can Mighty Mouse save the world?)

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Last chapter on Fictionaut, my friends. Amazon put Sacrifice in its Kindle Bookstore this evening. $2.99 and you can read the whooooole thing in one sitting!

The Hemingway Test - Chapter 1 (Family Opportunity)

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“Harry, the boy came out of the shower this morning with a six-inch erection,” she said, her face wearing a girlish grin.

Hemingway Test – Chapter 2 (Harry and Joe)

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“I want to sit in the front,” Trueblood said. “I'd feel like some kind of dipshit in the back seat.”

Hemingway Test - Chapter 3 (Peterfid Center)

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“How about Rectal Research Center?” Gladys said. “Nobody will want to set foot on the property.” Sporadic snickering flitted around the table.

Hemingway Test – 4 (Sizing up the enemy)

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Talk was broken at first with apologies for the slurping and burping and the shrill crinkling of Aquifina bottles ...

Hemingway Test – 5 (Meet Bart Bullshit)

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“Sir??? Did you say 'sir'? Jeezuz Christ on a Popsickle, man, don't you EVER call me 'sir'! Unless I tell you to. Got it?”

Hemingway Test – 6 (The test)

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“God dammit, the Hemingway test! I need to know if you're a man or a fucking pussy!”

Hemingway Test – 7 (Crash)

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“We're at war and this is our bunker.”