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Can't cope.

the 10 most popular shoplifted items in the U.S.

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Filet mignon, is #1. Jameson’s is next. Scotch. Electric tools. An iphone 4. Gillette Mach 4 blades. Axe deodorant for men. Polo Ralph Lauren. Let’s Rock Elmo. Chanel #5. And number 10: Nikes. You wanna know what I got caught w

The Little Engine That Shouldn't (a political metaphor)

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The rings on the engine Not designed for race gas Did allow for some seepage Did allow fuel to pass The fumes were quite powerful To the pan they did charge The spark was quite forceful The explosion was large

How I Made My Fortune

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At the time I first went to work for Mr. Byron my family was in a sorrowful state. My dad, much as I can recall, was one of those roving kinds, called himself a carpenter or contractor, depending on the kind of job he was aspiring to, and was subject to f

Driving in Jeddah

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In suburban Jeddah magnificent houses on every corner of the avenues are surrounded by high walls rising up from just inside the roadside curb to much beyond taller than a man.

The words you are known by: To Mitt Romney on the eve of his national convention, a cento

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I'll tell you what, Rick, ten-thousand bucks? [But] let Detroit go bankrupt. I'm running for office for Pete's sake,

KRAP News -- Clint Eastwood's Convention Shocker

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As an exclusive to KRAP News....what follows here (wax figures, forged documents, re-animation, spiked hair…and more!) offers us a tantalizing peek behind the curtain to the Dream-Team tickets that surely would have provided an "Eleventh Hour" jolt to wha

Sacrifice - 2 (Proposition)

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“Lady, you want me to take a drug that will give me a permanent hard-on while I'm here in prison? You are joking! You think I want some drooling troglodyte cutting my dick off and feeding it to me in a hotdog bun?”

Sacrifice - 4 (Questions)

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“You look pretty good for a zombie, Joan.” I tried to keep from smiling, and failed. She did look good. Chestnut hair, dyed, of course, and some age lines in her face, but...

Sacrifice - 5 (Stakes)

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“OK. You're the CEO of a multinational corporation that buys politicians, hires foreign labor at slave wages and, worst of all, sells addictive poison to children..."

Flipping Off People With Romney Bumper Stickers

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“Hey,” I begin, a naughty smile breaking across my face before I can get to the punchline, “Want to drive around flipping off anyone with a Romney bumper sticker?” Kaleb chuckles and beams at me. It seems everyone likes a good girl turned naughty.

Sacrifice - 6 (But...)

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Now they tell me this was all part of the plan, the research project. Get me out of office, disgraced and behind bars...

When the buck stops (3-Minute Fiction entry)

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This was looking down from what we know as The Grassy Knoll.

Sacrifice - 7 (Duh)

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When practical I much prefer soaking in a bath than dashing in and out of a shower, which had been my only option in prison the previous six months.

Sacrifice - 8 (Dammit!)

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I noticed the bright green beam of light linking the tabletop, where the cup had been, to one of the birds still hovering overhead.