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We were busy painting pictures of False Hope On the face of Reality First we got the New Deal Then we got the Raw Deal I was studying at the Institute for Paranoia And found these instructions Written on the hand-dryer in the bathroom:

"A bit less hot Tuesday"

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The faces of the sun remain unaltered across the seven day forecast. I am sweat-glued to a poem, looking up at the wall-mounted TV in a diner in the Valley

Back in the Woods: Second Song of Despair

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I wonder what would have become of me, had I remained informed by news

Impeach? or Impale?

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Impale or impeach Impeach or impale Either way you can't fail Which is it gonna be?


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Hello again, sweet morning

Holding My Husband

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We are only two small people doing our best.

Changes Are

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When people drastically change everything about themselves repeatedly, don't they eventually just end up alienating everyone?