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Hemingway Test – 8 (Discovery)

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“I never kiss and tell.”

Hemingway Test – 9 ( Thumb talk)

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“At least you won. Better you broke his thumb than he broke yours.”

Hemingway Test – 10 (Mission musing)

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“I'll clear my calendar.” Both men laughed.

Hemingway Test – 11 (Hacker on board)

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“...where Lincoln ate.” “Here? In this room?”

Hemingway Test – 12 (Man from WACKO)

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“My name is unimportant. What is important is that as a representative of the Worldwide Action Coalition Klux of Oligarchists I'm here to relay information.”

Hemingway Test – 13 (Em)

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“You really don't know what I do?”

Hemingway Test – 14 (Brainstorm)

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“It wasn't very well written, Aloysius. Sorry.”

Hemingway Test – 15 (Brainstorm – cont.)

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“Nobody's gonna believe the satire bit,” she said. “And even if they do they'll check it out anyway. You know they will.”

Hemingway Test – 16 (Mayhem at Reagan Middle - Part I)

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“Something at the school. They didn't tell Miriam what happened, just said they're taking everybody to the hospital. Get Joe and tell him we have to get there ASAP.”

Hemingway Test – 16 (Mayhem at Reagan Middle - Part II)

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Every siren in the goddamned District of Columbia and probly Northern Virginia screaming through the streets.

Hemingway Test - 16 (Mayhem at Reagan Middle - Part III)

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One of the female teachers started masturbating with an eraser in front of the kids. She was rolling around on the floor. The boys started sprouting erections and the girls were pulling their pants down and jumping them.

Hemingway Test 17 (Action report)

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“She had them up under her dress. She was making these sounds. I thought maybe she was having a heart attack, so I told Noah to run and get the nurse.

Hemingway Test – 18 (Summit talk)

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“GONNA, goddammit! You say GONNA when you're talkin' to me! And what's this 'speaking', like you're some goddam kinda twit? When you're talkin' to me you say talkin', without the 'g'. It's more manly!”

Hemingway Test – 19 (Ringtones)

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“Blanton's single barrel. Best bourbon money can buy, in my humble hahaha opinion.” Trueblood waved it away.

Hemingway Test – 20 (Intrigue in Paris)

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“Bullshit called. As Sherlock would say, the game is afoot.”