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Little Meadow Simms

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"I looked at this skinny, little female child, Meadow Simms. It wasn't only that she was small. Meadow Simms didn't look like other children. Her parents were hippies."


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Red is a boy...

Smiles are for Suckers

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I walked her home. She lived eight blocks in the opposite direction of me, but it made her smile —I made her smile.


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Seth blinked and got up from the table. He stood behind his mother as she hunched over the sink. "Mum." No answer. "Mum. I'm going to the beach." She sighed and wiped her forehead with a soapy hand. "Take Glen with you." His turn for silence. "Or take one of…

Baby Games

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The sky is orange and red. It’s getting dark out by the time Sophie goes inside to tell Mom. The colors of everything fade together and turn gray, even the grass and my pink bicycle.

Welcome to Space Island

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He was still dozing when his father yelled out in joy at seeing the faded sign, complete with a cartoon rocket ship flying through the starry blue sky. It read "Welcome to Space Island! Home of the first monkeys in outer space!"


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Once, an elephant contracted a sudden bolt of insanity in the streets of Ernakulam and trampled three children under her feet before she was shot to death. It took them seven bullets to bring her down.

What She Remembers (Annie)

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The first thing she remembers is sunshine, then her own dawning, and feeling the lumps on her head and bruises on her face and pain in her heart and aloness of her soul.


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The swamp cooler is broken. No hope of a breeze. The weatherman said it that way--no hope.

News of the Day

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KSWS is a big brick building where I thought the whole world was taking place until we went there on a field trip in second grade and I learned that KSWS was just cameras and monitors and Candy Tanner’s father sitting behind a desk reading off the news.

Party Line

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Mama reads about UFOs in paperback books and newspapers with big cloudy pictures. Her girlfriends know about flying saucers, too. They get drunk at night when they are sitting all alone in their living rooms because they are divorced or married to men who

Sunday Services

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MawMaw sets the table for Sunday supper so that it looks all nice with a cloth on top and the food in bowls that get passed around instead of served off the stove like everyday.

The Tricycle

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The large black pedals on the red/Tricycle rotate, push along the cracked,/Weedy surface.

Mary Jesus

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When he grew up he was going to be a man. When he found Mary Jesus, he’d put her hair in pigtails.

The Death of Childhood Heroes (or "Roadkill")

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We were pushing ninety down the highway through a stretch of what rightfully should have been called the Badlands. We were both absorbed and coping with the rapidly escalating stages of desperation and so neither of us noticed when the yellow figure stepped…