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No Sanctuary 5. Sukkos Morning

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These were the sorts of dwellings Jews had lived in after their escape from Egypt

No Sanctuary 6. Crime and Punishment

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“Well, if she dipped your doll in the toilet, we will just have to flush her down the toilet to teach her a lesson.“

My Grandmother's Wedding Ring

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My grandmother and her children spent six weeks living in barns, then were taken for a three day nightmare ride in hot cattle cars to Auschwitz.

The Day the Rabbi Left for Good

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I was two completely different students depending on the class.


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it was too unsafe for this little boy to go home with his mother

Boxwood at Nine

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I am Gloria, age nine, standing with my left hand on the green gate to the yard of the farmhouse that I will always consider Home

Birds of Prayer: Memoir

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“Is that what six million looks like?” I wondered. I easily grasped the six part. I'd lived that many years. The Star of David had six points. So did each snow crystal.


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“Your mother, so dark, the gypsy. Don’t love her. We’ll call her something like ‘Blackie.’ The French have a particular word for a union like ours, your mother’s and mine. It’s ‘mésalliance’, you will remember the word, won’t you, girlie? If you do, yo

My Little Blue Angel

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"You're killing me. You're killing me," he shrieked


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not sure why - we rise

Bed Time at Sleepy Ranch

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Worrying that the scary things we saw in scary movies or books might really happen to us.

The crack

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I put my mouth to it and said hello hello hello.


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At first, it was tedious, those long Russian names, the convoluted story, but recess after recess he stayed in and became enchanted

Homecoming 1944

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He looked to his mother for assurance

Maginot Line

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We shared a bedroom, my sister and I, all our lives through high school. This was unfortunate, as she was extremely neat and I, two years older, was extremely messy. In my defense, I was extremely clean and she was not. There is a…