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Savanna ate one. Tim didn't dare her or anything.

Cloud Gator

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First it makes me think about the time I held a live, albeit tranquilized, juvenile gator at a zoo in Florida when I was twelve. (Somewhere these's a photograph, no doubt, of me looking terrified and a gator looking asleep.)


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While space and time opened up for us, the ground accelerated its attempts to devour the astronaut. Grasses grew up around his edges. Seeds propagated in the folds of his suit, tendrils found their way into the mysterious holes for the missing hoses that


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The day my mother loses her hair, my classmates learn the scientific method.

13 imaginary friends

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1. He had thirteen imaginary friends. They knew him better than his mother did.2. His imaginary friends were all born of a cat on the night of a blood moon.3. His imaginary friends had grey skin and red eyes, giving them the appearance of dead people. Their cheeks flushed…


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The Bird King is trapped behind the mirrors. Sometimes you'll see a hand, a wing, fluttering in a dark space. You may even see his breath, a pulse of mist in a corner of the glass. But don't ever smash his silvered prison. Don't ever let him out and into the world.*****O…

Buck Moy

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Then he told us tales of skulls and planks, galleons and parrots, silver and gold on crystal Jamaican seas under deep ruby skies.

Kash Mire

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You watch with frigid eyes, as their soggy woolens squelch dark mud, even smiling a little as they make croaking frog-lure noises. You know eventually a toad or two would land in the Frogger. You like the word Frogger.

Whyiolet 2

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Neither did his monitors show him the jumping figure of Chauffeur Ganpatrao Sadashivrao Dhamdhere - or simply Rao Dada as everyone called him – load all these into the ‘Dicky’ (or trunk as the Americans referred to it) of the gleaming white and lovingly p

Silent Prayer

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She had been dreaming, of a crowded street and her small daughter who’d slipped her hand and got lost in the throng of shoppers.

Praying in bed

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When I was a kid, I was terrified of dying in a bombing, which is strange, really, because I lived in Long Island, which has relatively few bombings to speak of.

The most tender thing

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Somehow, I have your body, but you’ve gone missing.

Litany of Humility: Age Nine

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We recite a Hail Mary as I lick the cream off his yellowed fingers, the sound of my classmates at play flooding in the open windows of the classroom.

Thumb Pressure

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The key is buried deep in dark soil. The red ribbon attached is a thread of blood leading to the Minotaur's lair and the louvered windows where light filters in and stripes the statue's carved rock.

La Guarida del Pulpo

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The sky ceilinged blue and from so far down I swear I saw fleets of brigantine pelicans traverse the known world. Something about the water confused me.