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In Summer

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I. Waterloo, Iowa Towering clouds take me back to that summer. Endless days of blazing heat and claustrophobic humidity, colossal skies over relentless rows of corn and the ecstatic cacophony of crickets at twilight. Staccato bursts of heat lightning flash across muscular…

The Last Last Ride

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You’d stay on this small roller coaster ride all summer long if you could and if I were a rich man, I would let you. Is it fun riding around in circles? You’re only nine; of course it’s fun.


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After dividing the sabliereand after the outliers roll away,disappear,or sit like a thrombus between two fingers,will there be enough in the dayfor you to watch the sun saginto its everyday tomb,to listen to the sagittal sighof a passing evening,to eat the last fruits of a…

Wiley's War

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At first, he thought it silly to compare the war to a squirrel infestation but finally decided it was more a matter of scale than classification. Hadn't the pesky creatures managed to provoke in him an abject hatred of just about everything...

New skin

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For ten minutes I would have to sit perfectly still on the edge of her bed, thinking of Road Runner and the Flash and wishing I could do anything but sit there with my feet in warm, foamy water.

the difference between child-dread and grown-up-dread is the paycheck keeps the tears away

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the first day of preschool/ my mother walked me down the street/ to a tall building that cut/ like a knife made of bricks/ right into the street,/ an american flag/ sticking straight out/ just above the door.


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I first met death in an alley. A cat frozen stiff and stuck fast to the icy ground on a crackling, frigid February morning. Its blank eye stared up at the Iowa sky. I stared back. My little brother careened down the icy slope. His sled flew over the…


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I first met death in an alley.


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And part of us wants to cry at the stained undershirts your dad wears.

Puberty heat

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Like the tent of blankets pitched over my soon-to-be bald spot, Breathing in my carbon dioxide, Figuring out how sex works, Chafing to death in solitary.


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I was born upside down, the umbilical cord looped twice around my neck. My mother claimed she was so busy working the swing shift at the hospital that she didn’t even know she was pregnant at first. But I found this hard to believe. Of course she knew. My

Private School Girl

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I'm too rich to be this upset

The Breech

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The signs at the edge of our world clearly state, NO WOMEN ALLOWED.

gravelortian part 20

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Baby who battles with devils


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Wounded with driven masonry nails And medallions of swift nests clinging high