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H. Abstract

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“Dear, baby, what do you fear?” Or maybe it was, “Now here are the keys to the lock.”

Habits Die Hard

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Although radiation and chemo rendered him a wraith...


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I’ve been hacked. Someone has taken over my body, is living my life in another way, is telling racist jokes at a party

Hackney Bar Number 7

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Down the concrete stairs I slinked, past some fur coat wearing tosser and his braying equine girlthing, and pushed my way into the eardrum puncturing furnace of the place.

Hag Masses

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Five poets were beheaded that day, their heads rolled off the scaffold to the dirt and faced skywards; the heads were smiling

Haibun: Elegy for Caroline

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George Herbert, poet and Anglican priest, died of tuberulosis in 1633 at age 40. His friends described his last three weeks in sickbed, attended to by them and members of his family. They recorded his words: "I now look back on the pleasures of my life past, and see in…

haiku apolitical

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can they approve, our/gods in our wallets? only/when we tell them to.

Haiku For Birthdays

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Haiku for Jogging

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Haiku for Jogging

Haiku For My Old Neighbour

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Old man lives next door

Haiku for National Poetry Day 2012

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Late morning sun,Windows are all open:Autumn's last warm day?

Haiku for the Worried

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Real life escapes you.

Haiku Haiku, Fattened Feral Kittens, Hobgoblin Test

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and watch the bird play and squirrel play/ and the twitching of cottontail noses

Haiku Life

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A funny thing this life

haiku not much carved

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pens loaded with ink/exceeding or equal to/my volume of blood.

Haiku, Sort Of

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“You look so … distinguished. My!” she said.

Haikus for Miss Winehouse

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Drag queens weep sequins

Hail Mary Pass

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so for penance, the priest gave me the full twelve Stations of the Cross

Hail to the Pres: Celebrating Lester Young's Birthday

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At a time when jazz had its share of royalty–kings, dukes, and counts–Young was democratically elected the President by an aristocratic vote of one; the best jazz singer alive, his sometime lover Billie Holiday.


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I had a temperature of 105 degrees. I lost all my hair.


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A strange and unexpected shift has occurred.


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She is cutting his hair. The wind is in her curls. She rises and falls like a sleeping animal. He has removed his shirt. There is a towel around his neck, the smell of spice and banana, the scent of vacations. You are reminded of the time in the beach house in Florida…

haircut month

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The same night your best friend of two years called you up to tell you they don't want to think about you anymore was the same night you had stood silently, leaning, head against the mustard wall in your mom's boyfriend's house, stuck listening to Randy…

Hal and Estelle

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They had both discovered, though, that when people stared at them now, away from the carnival, it was very different. There, they were supposed to be odd, it was what people expected. Here, they were supposed to fit in.

Half a Lotus

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An Ayurvedic astrologer tells her that she is a child of India. Is a girl born in Indiana a mistake of just two letters on a Scrabble board?

Half Awake in a Fake Empire

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Cooking dinner for one in a city that isn’t my home. A beautiful city that I’m slowly losing interest in, just as I become a local. In a tiny apartment set in the most realistic part of town, I’ve turned the music up loud to drown out my thoughts.

Half Staff

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We mourn/ in perpetuity and are inured


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Terry worked in a factory out in Northlake where she added a little squirt of milk and another little squirt of cream to those tiny half-and-half coffee creamers you find at every motel in the country. The owner of that factory hired only women to work

Halfhearted Objections

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The old man behind the counter recognizes fear and anxiety in the boy's face, and sees the brown paper bag clenched in his other white-knuckled hand.


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You and she might make love here, next week, and I'll buy my own razor, switch from baths to showers. I shave my legs in my imagination. They, like life, are smooth.