by Neil McCarthy

I've been hacked.

Someone has taken over

my body,

is living my life in another way, 

is telling racist jokes

at a party,

is cheering on the bullet

and applauding the bomb,

is dropping my pants

for the banks,

is buying into fear and

blaming “them”,

is finding scapegoats

in religion but faulting

the lefties, the vegans,

the hipsters, the young,

the queers, the media,

the footballers, the Palestinians,

the Persians, the Chinese —

oh, the Chinese!;

is happily taking and

begrudgingly giving,

is objectifying a woman

because I'm a man,

is watering the ground to

grow what I don't eat,

is genuflecting at the gospel

of Twitter,

is turning a blind eye

to Israel,

is singing at Eurovision,

is sharing social media posts

because I was told to,

is copying and pasting

what I think my opinion is,

is streaming and streaming

but not reading,

is going to Mass

for the hell of it,

is raising the rent on

my third house,

is calling ICE on your

neighbors and their kids,

is keeping your kids awake

with music at 2am.

But it´s not me.

It has to be someone else.



Maybe it´s the Russians.

Or more likely the Democrats.

Maybe it´s a teenager in a

bedroom in Illinois.

Maybe it´s my high school

English teacher enjoying


Maybe it´s the girlfriend I left

at the bus station in Dublin,

heartbroken and sleepless.

Maybe it´s the CIA and their

mind control experiments and

I just don´t know the trigger.

Maybe it´s Kim, Robert,

Assad, Jeremy, the leaders of

Catalonia and Kurdistan and Tibet.

Maybe it´s Colin Kaepernick,

Tamimi, or that far-fetched

Communist Sanders.

Maybe it´s something undiagnosed

like autism, ADHD, or schizophrenia

or maybe it´s Maybelline.

Maybe it´s the plastic in the fish,

or the Teflon on the pans.

Maybe it´s the Scientologists

or the Catholic Bishops

or your man the imam

or the yoga instructors:

Maybe it´s the Constitution,

or the Bible or the National Enquirer.

It could be the Cubans,

or the North Koreans,

but I doubt it.

More likely the Persians

or the Chinese — have we

mentioned the Chinese?

Maybe it´s the Fullerton Police,

or Jill Stein — oh, Jill Stein!

I could point a finger at

Snowden, and Assange,

and Manning and now I´m thinking

about the CIA again and what

if their trigger is Piers Morgan´s

voice or any photo, any photo at all

of Donald Whatshisname.

Maybe it´s Zuckerberg though,

or whoever´s looking at me through

the camera on my laptop.

What I´m sure of is it´s not me,

it´s definitely    

not       me.