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In her dreams she lived in a rice grain. A virus was her lover.


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In the boat on the way there I knew we'd see something spectacular, and was prepared.When the glacier dropped large pieces of ice into the Arctic ocean and sent a long wave at us, I screamed and screamed.My parents had their backs to the glacier and missed everything. …

Christmas Magic

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You know what parents have to do to get an Xbox? They don't just stand in line and someone hands them an Xbox, OK? That's sacrifice. They have to sacrifice and sacrifice and sacrifice. I mean, I chase alpacas a mile every night in subfreezing conditions,

They Will Tear You Apart

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I stared at the Clockwork Orange poster and thought about the knife that Alex held. I imagined it being used to cut out the thing that might be inside her. That’s all I saw whenever I looked anywhere. Things that related to our catastrophe.

Capital Offense

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They can’t exterminate the poor just yet

Modulus of Elasticity

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The limbs lift again,

Against the Wall

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happily fling Molotov cocktails// against ICE agents in armored vehicles/ and sing the pain of their burning deaths/ as triumph against asininity.


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I’ve been hacked. Someone has taken over my body, is living my life in another way, is telling racist jokes at a party