Katy Bowman

Location Dayton, Ohio
Website http://katybowman.com

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Julie Innis – May 14, 2010

Katy - thank you! And you're from Dayton? I'm from Cincy. Good to meet you here - looking forward to checking out your work!

M.H. – Mar 02, 2010

Thanks Katy for your kind comments on Origin :)

Colette Sartor – Feb 25, 2010

Katy: Thanks for the kind words about my story "Lamb." I'm new to Fictionaut, and your note was a great welcome. I can't wait to read your work.

Matt Dennison – Dec 19, 2009

"This one came to me as the ending of a longer short story I'd been working on."

Well, they say start as near the end as possible. I think having it short like this allows the reader to feel their *own* story.

Matt Dennison – Dec 19, 2009

until now...(!)

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