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The Four Seasons

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In the hotel lobby, the gold light and warmth and flower arrangements were all lies, but they reminded us of spring. We imagined happiness. We checked in.

Pretty White Gloves

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He sits on a folded-over cardboard box, slightly off-balance and without any visible sign of support other than the granite wall of the bank behind him and the few coins in the paper cup he shakes at each passerby.

Miss Winter Solstice

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The palm trees bent upon her passing stride From fishnet stockings running up her hide;


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Nobody calls on the dead


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Shared course: the rivers and the streams


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I can take you away, away, away.

Silent Season

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we are tired, you and I.

'Bout Apples

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Sawyer walked toward the lone house with the sentinel trees. Behind him there were no tracks in the snow.

Frozen Out

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It's a funny thing, watching a Snowman shiver

The Arctic Express

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Sky: Snows, turns dark. Street: Freezes. Remains on a hill. Traffic: None on this block. Two: Did I miss the bus? One: You either missed it, or it didn't come. Two: Hasn't come. One: One or the other. Which one? Two: I don't know; I asked you. One: I meant which…

Winter Rising

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the smell of a wood burning stove drifting over a neat row of houses

Nut Breakers Hill

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they flew down the slopes with her holding on for all she was worth

Icicles in California

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Jake is four years older than I am, and while back in high school it seemed like a wide chasm yawned between us, as we've grown older the distance has gradually shrank and shrank, until I returned home for winter break and found it was merely a thin trace


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Winter makes me reconsider.


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... her hair spills like spinach all the way down to her backpack, the top pocket where the bowl and the cinnamon estrange themselves from the coffee.