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Christmas Magic

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You know what parents have to do to get an Xbox? They don't just stand in line and someone hands them an Xbox, OK? That's sacrifice. They have to sacrifice and sacrifice and sacrifice. I mean, I chase alpacas a mile every night in subfreezing conditions,

Snow falls

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I dreamt of prisms locked inside the ice for thousands of years, waiting for the chance to fly

The snow blower

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Anita could barely see. It was just a white flurry of flakes. ...


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I heard the sound of a frozen flag clanging against its pole, ice on metal, the present on the past.

Roadside Assistance

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When it starts looking bad enough, I bundle up and head out the door.

The cold front

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snow drips from her nipples and niveous becomes aqueous

A Winter's Eve

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It takes all I've got not to fall on my knees and bury my face in her arms.

Winter Blues

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He told me he could feel an army of tears building up behind his eyes.


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You welcome the new girl by putting a message on her back. I breathe harder until she pops or until you ask me what I’ve seen or until you see my hand turn into a fist.

Long Winter

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Maybe in a world like that lying could kill you. It was a realization that made me colder than any wind blasting down Main and shaking the trees, because, unlike my brother, I lied all the time.


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I first met death in an alley. A cat frozen stiff and stuck fast to the icy ground on a crackling, frigid February morning. Its blank eye stared up at the Iowa sky. I stared back. My little brother careened down the icy slope. His sled flew over the…


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The days cut off by damp chill with every thought a different variety of protection.


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I first met death in an alley.

Security Notes to the Museum of Winter

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Behind the wainscoting, the mice scratch, struggling to keep warm.

The Skill in Gravity

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the ones that have seen the other seasons, let them set up the track