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Walking To Gibraltar, Chapter 10: In Which A Vital Fact Is Recalled

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Late spring, summer before cancer. Frank drove Max and his pal Jason to Cincinnati for their first rock show. Less Than Jake at Bogart's. A two-hour drive for ska-punk.

Walking To Gibraltar, Chapter 11: In Which An Accusation Is Debated

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He gave her cancer. He gave her cancer. Not what she said. She said her relationship gave her cancer. Her relationship with him. Gave her cancer.

March Madness

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“I’ll be damned,” he said. “I never knew where that was.”

What if god was one of us?

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an old Black woman, a sequined black cap poised on the left of her crown of black infused gray hair.  A gray wool shawl that seemed to perfectly match her hair's color wrapped her all the way down to her hips, where a battered pair of blue jeans rested

My Lady's Child

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Her swell of child fits like a socket into the bowl of my hip-bones.


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The car inching along, she repeated, bread, milk, cake, over and over, so not to forget.

Is she talking about an orgasm?

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Convulsing apexes of eagerness. Sweat on his temple & on her brow. Click goes the ignitor of cancer immersed canes of indulgence. Two carny covered consciences ponder in their innocence.


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... we both know how we go to fresh air like fish, gasping.

The Microseconds

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Only now, I realize it wasn’t wise to date multiple women simultaneously.

Good intentions, and all that.

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There was something in the pressure and the urgency that made her smile, and then laugh. It was like carrying heavy furniture while someone made a joke--the effectiveness of the joke seemed directly proportional to the weight of the furniture. What was it

Day's Heat and Mistaken Winters

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Elizabeth stood outside my door one afternoon. I greeted her from across the studio, put on some water to boil and walked to the door. I took her hand, held it to my cheek, and led her to my dining room table.

Lick My Blahniks, she said

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“While you’re down on your knees, dog-boy, lick my shoes..."


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He tried to call on his break but she didn’t answer. He imagined her on the floor, sobbing, like she’d been the other day. The grey rat would have chewed through a plug-in or some wires and started a fire. She would be ashes, a blackened corpse, reeki


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Chocolate Biscuits

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Josh was having a hard enough time getting through his final year of studies without having his sister point out his fledgling love life to his parents.