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Like Midnight -- A Story in Text

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“Uh-huh.” she texted back. “Please don’t start on me,” he wrote. “You’re crazy, you know.” “I’m crazy. I’m not the one who sets it up to come over at 9 pm and then texts and says I’ll be late and then never shows.”

Everything is Fine

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Their hair--neon white in the sun—is cut Dutch boy-style over too small ears.

Someone for Everyone Parts 1-10: A work in progress

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“Well, aren’t you the cutest thing?” Shelly looked around for the source of the line and one of the better looking bar flies met her gaze. He wore a faded t-shirt with a swoosh graphic that read ‘Just Do Me‘. True to its mystical nature, her indefatigabl

Breakup Scene

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For the past 6 months our love for each other had been akin to a chess game. We avoided each other’s traps, fortified our defenses, set up gambits of our own, exchanged pieces of our lives, and now it was endgame. Checkmate. Time to move on.

An Excerpt from "Lucidity"

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It had been early December. We were dressed in gym shorts and tanks, only one towel to share between the two of us. We had managed to sneak into the public swimming pool area without being noticed by security, Schmidt always convincing me to accept sponta

Sounding Well

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There is Truth in imperfection,Symmetry in distortion.Like a sounding well,You can determine the depth of me--PlumbTruthfrom myCore.Test your breath against meSay lies all--I will not believe them.Here am I,Proof Against your intransigence.But do not despair:There…


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Natasha's fears got the best of her at this point. Her face is flushed from anticipation and the hair on her arms stands at attention. She climbs up the stairs as if she is hiking up a steep mountain, hugging each rail like tree trunks for support. Sweat…

The Dog's Familiar

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The county sent two crews, one to get Mr. Meyers, the old shut-in, tall and affable, but quiet and bent, like a crooked coat rack with a porkpie atop, the other for his dog, an english setter whom he shadowed like a familiar. I say he was the familiar and

Just a Bit

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She thought he was biting her at night. Not a vampire bite, those two dots on the neck. A bite on her calf.

Leaky Pipes

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I was thinking everything was OK, until one day I woke up and realized that I was living on an entirely different planet, and you seemed like a complete stranger to me. I was feeling so ashamed of these feelings, that I couldn't even tell you about them. I couldn't…

Beatles On Broadway

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-Another time maybe?

Like Picasso

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lying back on inviolable sheets, your breasts spread apart like a child’s open hands you’d look up at me and smile

Hand and Thumb

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Often we sit in silence and age. We are observers of dust, fashioning ourselves into antiques.

Non partage

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I've given you a name

Final Landing

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She got a whiff of something unpleasant. It wasn’t the food. More like very gamey body odor. An unwashed bottom. His dirty derriere. The odor traveled up through Chester’s clothes and made her choke. She gagged but didn’t comment because that would only make him more proud.