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Miles in common and little else, the rivers collide rather peacefully, embracing the other just the way it came

Ex is for Excrement

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You know, the kind of venom between women that is invisible to men.


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triangular relationships are by nature unstable entities

Not Everything In Life Has Meaning

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A cactus has as much right to grow as a flower, she whispered at night, when the tears came. She wasn't crying over Jim- God, no. Rather, it was the thought of that kiss, the pink floaty cloud kind of kiss. What if that never happened to her? What if it w


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Madrid was harsh and loud. Traffic-clogged wide boulevards, blaring horns, the smell of diesel exhaust, sun beating down on concrete and stone. Desolate pigeons atop an enormous bronze monument to a dead conquerer in the Plaza Mayor. All imperial and martial, vainglorious…

Losing my cool.....

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I thought I would be cooler. I had spent years working on it - being the "cool girlfriend". More than watch football, I could follow it and offer intelligent comments after ill-thrown flags. I delivered Hardee's Thickburgers to my boyfriend and his meathead friends at the…

Zeus Takes a Day Job

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Remember the Titans? After those guys, the first few centuries were a piece of cake. Sure, I was Ruler of the World, but once things got rolling, I delegated most of my workload to underlings and spent most of my time lounging around on Mt. Olympus with the other…

Jagged Dog Story

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But I had learned from ingesting Roberto’s glitter-eyed fear, it could make you never close enough, and then, never far enough away. And both at the same time.

Wind From The West

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I stand near the wall, a 40 pound roll of tarpaulin across my shoulders. A blustery Chinook wind blows steadily off the snow covered foothills. I'm trying to psyche myself up to haul a tarp across a span of narrow wall that's studded with spikes of greased blue steel…

Wrong Turn

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“Dad, we missed our exit!” Grant twisted in the seat and looked out the rear view window. “You have to turn around. We’re driving the wrong way!” The father wiped his mouth. “I know son . . . I know.”

The Kill

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I kill because I can’t stop. I kill because I can.

Dear God, know me, from Adam

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When God created Adam and then Eve, he thought they were fucking awesome. It's true that Eve grew on him but even so: awesome.


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The end, she thought, when did we end? She knew it had to end. Ten months in and it was no different from the day they met. Then again, the day they met it seemed as if they’d known each other ten years. That was the nature of their relationship she


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You are given with a collage of 4-5 pictures and they all are colligated to each other in some or the other way. One has to ascertain that mutuality. You have to use all the conjectures and surmises made by other participants in order to crack the picture


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But you're everywhere, how can I move on? It's so easy for people to say, Get over it, the ‘it' being the smell of your skin, your smile, the taste of your lips, always sweet and salty, like a carnival treat. Remember that neon night when we knew it was over, how we…