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Human Thesaurus

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Once when we were new she swung her foot in rage and I caught it. Black stocking, toenails polished red, beautiful silk appendage. Urge, desideratum, compulsion. I pulled her toward me, collapsed us together.

The Scarab

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He thought the scarab was bad luck. I knew too little about omens to argue.

Miss Edna's Lace

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When Elvis died, I felt so empty that I headed straight for Jimmy Choo's, but quietly, with the half-veil of my pillbox hat draped low over my face. I didn't want to draw attention to my vintage Dior mourning outfit, since I normally wear pants, even here. The voices…


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"So, said B. What’s new? Well, for one thing, I shaved, said A. I got contact lenses. And I put my mother to sleep."

Way of the Woman

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Swing those hips, baby/'Round and 'round...

After He Stays

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When the sex that is new and promising in its awkward moments is over, you turn to him. You expect that he’s figuring out a way to leave; the parts of you that know wait for him to stand up and put his clothes back on, quicker and with more eagerness than

Sweet Tooth

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There was a hole in my tooth. It wouldn't let anything go.


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You're a good dog, she whispered to him, a good brave dog. Her face was tight with soap.

Letting Go

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Jerrod's lips and tongue were like slabs of bologna someone shook in Kirsten’s face as she hit the turn signal. Kirsten was proud of herself. She'd been taking it well and she was pretty sure her real feelings weren’t poking through.


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She liked him. He was hot. He made the big bucks. He was smart.

Broadbeach Bargain Bin

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The ice in Mum’s drink clinked as she rolled the glass across her forehead. “Ith that a gay thing or ith that a vampire thing? ’Coth I’m finding thith all a bit confuthing.”


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Fires stitch crooked seams between remnants of sky.


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I used to have a crush on Cliff in high school. He was tall and blond with cool blue eyes, though he had developed a small paunch. He met my husband Daryl in college and then was best man in our wedding.

Lips unsealed

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They had a vague idea of how lips were to be used. Lips that parted feverishly, lips that burned. Lips - old, but still amateur. It was no wonder, considering that 'boys from good families' would never dream of even looking at a woman, let alone kiss her!


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he’s recognizable in the earliest images of misery: a hand shoving a young gladiator before the lion; the fire devouring a witch in Salem. And here he is. Again.