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Butcher Knife

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When I was young I used to carry a butcher knife to bed. My grandmother placed it in my small hands before tucking me in.

Fall Of The Twin Towers

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Sitting at an outside table at the Bassett Café on West Broadway, I remember, in the background always the Twin Towers behind me in the photographs from that time And the sparrows in New York, bolder than anywhere working over the scrap

The Shadow

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"Did I have a dream, or did the dream have me?" - Rush, "Nocturne"


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His academic nightmare is set in an examination hall, where the student takes a seat at a folding table in the center of the room.


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“Stop!” I shouted. “I want to get off!” The toothy horses showed me the whites of their crazy eyes. “No, no”! they chorused as they whirled around and around and around.

The Rainbow Clockwerkz

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Mama Blinkey Lights yells at Papa Blinkey Lights and tells him to quit playing the fool, and when we turn our attention back to removing the shafts, we are chagrined to find that not only have they multiplied once again, but that they have gone yet farthe


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not the sky

Night Flight

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I heard them calling my name. “Will passenger Karen Anderson please come to flight desk Six Fourteen? Flight 912 is ready for takeoff. This is your last call.” “Mario, did you hear that?” I asked. “We’re on the wrong plane!”

Swashbuckling in the Dark: Prologue

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The night sky was scorched red with fire; the once peaceful night now had become a living nightmare. At first, it had been the distant booming of cannon fire, but now the terrified screams tore through the night. Louder still was the ringing in my head and the sound of…

Killzone Excerpt: A New Day

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He lay in his bed at night, looking at the four walls and roof shielding him from the monstrous world beyond them. Thinking, like usual. You could even call it a routine. First, he begins to think about the people around him. His men. His soldiers are really the only…

Mother's Poem

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The monsters in the sky burst with riotous laughter, their rumbling voices barking out commands, their cracked nails scratching on the screen, their knotted knuckles tap-taping on the window. Little girl, won't you come out to play? She clutches her floral bed sheets,…

Killzone Excerpt: Not All Dreams Die

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He awoke, suddenly, as he felt the drops of sweat running down his face.Dehydration derived from the sweltering heat. He pulled the sheets away and sat on the foot of his bed. It was pitch black in the room. He thought about what woke him; a dream he had. The dream…

Your Ex-Lover is Dead

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The Atheist of Mirrors

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Don't mistake my eyes for supplication. My invisibility is your nightmare.

Not today, you crab!

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My single sculling boat was not made to take the impact of a pickup.