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Sometimes he made us punch pillows. "Harder!" the shrink would yell.

Water, Water Everywhere

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Later I asked Mark if he wanted to watch, but his wife wouldn’t let him. She didn’t like kinky stuff, she said.

Dream Girl

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There was something wrong with this picture. Was he the man she had slept with last night?

The Pixie

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On the bank of the stream, we take off our clothes and dash into the water.

Safe Sex

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I didn't see her for awhile after that, but old habits die hard. I figured sooner or later I'd be back for more.

Win Some, Lose Some

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Afterward, at the motel, I asked her why she liked sex so much, and she said she liked the taste.

Night & Day

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It was oddly quiet, and the air had a strangely urgent quality. The sun came out, and water on the leaves and branches turned oaks and aspens into Christmas trees.

Carver Country

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My first love was a woman of principle. Never deny your man was her motto.

The Birds (2)

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The birds were stacked up in the branches of a pine tree behind the feeder. Several were sitting on the fence. “They’re massing,” she said.


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They sat on the couch, and he tried to unbutton her buttons, but she fended him off.

My Wife, My Love

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When I died, she said, she was going to have me cremated and put my ashes in the cats’ litter box.


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Bert also said that somebody else at the meeting was complaining about his high blood pressure, and Bert repeated what Hank had said, that he was glad to have any blood pressure at all.


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Jake remembers that Amy told him once that she thought that somehow he would always be a part of her life. That was before she went to Spain and married an American bull fighter.


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Her husband wouldn’t let her call an exterminator. That doesn't work, he said. The real reason he said no was that he was cheap.

The Violinist

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Max leads the parade up the hill. He is sawing on his violin, wearing nothing but a raincoat.