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Paint Clot (Novel Excerpt)

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Damion was not this skin and bones saint. He was not the ascetic he carved himself out to be. He did not exist in a vacuum consuming and being consumed by only art. He was not all these things. And he was not always so painfully sober.

Beside the Still Waters

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“You. There,” said the fellow, pointing his gun like a dead finger. “You believe that water saves the soul, don’t you?” Thomas looked to the other boys for an answer, but they didn’t know any more than he did.

Seasonal Discord

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“I killed a man.” “Whaaattt???” I'd been meditating on the sun. I figured he was trying to jolt me awake.

Agitated Birds

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I stood frozen in our sub- par apartment complex pool. Two bees buzzed around me, it was the perfect metaphor for the current state of my life. I named the bees, “writing career, and job.” In 6 days I was turning 29 and I was still unpublished. Yesterday I…

Pretend You Don't Exist

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A train came out of the dark to the platform they stood on, not billowing white-grey clouds of smoke, but flashing blue sparks from below. They boarded and sat on the straw seats offered, porcelained straps hanging from above, dark shadows flying past the

Did You Know? Fun Facts about Flaggish Things (for Flag Day)

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One must never, ever wipe one's hands on a flag, and this wouldn't even be a problem if people weren't so lackadaisical about getting the flag out and up at picnics.

Day's Heat and Mistaken Winters

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Elizabeth stood outside my door one afternoon. I greeted her from across the studio, put on some water to boil and walked to the door. I took her hand, held it to my cheek, and led her to my dining room table.

I know ...

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But here it was, Friday afternoon with Deborah checking MySpace for interesting bulletins or messages before she made some weekend plans, finding a blog from Fred posted that same morning with two simple sentences. "I know. I've known for a long time.


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“What I really want to know is, why is a straight guy called Caspar opening a lesbian leather bar in Berlin anyway?” Shona asked. “Schöneberg must really be going to the dogs.”

Before I Forget (Notes from the Oubliette)

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Are you there? It’s been so long since I had someone to talk to. Besides Oscar and Wilde, I mean. I feed them crumbs of bread. They’re my pet rats, my only friends. Besides you, of course. How kind of you to remember me! How shall I begin?

Scrabbled Sensitivities

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It was fun, until he started winning every time.


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The main problem in trying to fix its location was that the spectacle came and went. We walked toward it twice – and both times it disappeared after we had advanced no more than ten or fifteen yards. “Told you,” Glenn said. “Now you see it; now you don’t

Professional Pizza Patter

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We all stared, somewhat shocked and mostly disgusted.

A Speck of Light

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That’s true, you know, what they said about the drummer and spontaneous combustion.

Unfinished Business

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you are the most uptight pansy I have ever met