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Little Oddities

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The energies align to compel you,/ wave by field, charge by pulse, into/ an ever increasing circle of speed

I Took Part in 5 Orgies, Which I Liked, and Got Pounded into Shit

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Rose lifted her 55-year-old legs until they were perpendicular to the bed and admired how girlish they looked. It gave her the sexy legs of a 20-year old, if the morning light was right and she squinted a bit.

There Goes A Green Torino

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I will be heresitting on this pavementon this blockin this neighborhoodwith my legs crossedwith a dogwith another dog with his bonein front of my housein front of the mammothsunflowersdrinking a glass of waterreading a booklistening to Discobecause I'm weird like…

On Global Warming

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You think I don't know, that's your whole stupid problem. You don't believe in anyone. You must enjoy living in a dark lonely universe. I don't know if you know or not about the lights that live in your own head, but I believe …

A Late Encounter with a Circular Future

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Grange was still cussing up storms and other calamities in the well-illuminated heat of central Kansas at mid-day when he thought he spied Dennis Hopper . . .

The Mender

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I polished his shoes to an avid black; sewed buttons backand mended torn silk and cotton.His clothing was my busy work. Needle, thread, stitch, and iron,I was his apothecary of linens.Blood, wine, soup, vomit --these I cleaned too, until all theircolor and scent…


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From the way your hand touches the bread of full mornings, far distances.

Sonnet 12

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What do you do when the only safe space to crawl is under your desk, a dark womb or a cave, you clutch at your knees in casethat sinking in your gut tries to consume. What do you do when you wake up intothe day only wanting to curl insidea little ball and…

My Hot Rod and the Redhead

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I think the Air Force Colonel must have known, from the flushed looks on our faces, that I had just fucked his daughter in a roadside patch of ragweed on the way to their house somewhere outside Danville. I remember looking back and forth between him and

The Winner

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i never much liked Elvis never did then never do now he was no Kris Kristofferson

Free Form Jazz of Spiritual Harlem

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we are one

The Application of Birds

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I know someone in need of healing.

Iron Cross

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Figure of Seven

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It must be the whiskers or the eyes or the ears or the entire…


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Colonized Mike looked up. He had to. Someone'd called his name. It's what he'd always liked about dogs, and what he'd strived to emulate.

Fat Cats, Happiness and Laptop Love -- What I Learned From Magazines This Week

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The Utah State Attorney General's office recently stated in a court filing that there is no constitutional right to marry a laptop.(Time, 6/19/17)Smartphones are spreading head lice.(New York, 7/10/17)People are less helpful when it's hot.(Time, 7/24/17)Online virtual…

Intro to Philosophy

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We now live in post-Postmodern Absurdist fear of course, says our smiling Prof. That’s the price we pay he tells us. . . .


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My God is not a God of chance, she said.The year was youth and it was our first dance.She wanted to make sure we agreedlove is for God and lust is for Satan.Of course I do, I said. You're safe with me.Neither of us had moves and were relievedto stand in the corner and…


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CALEBHe'd get up every day,don his clothes and tendto rote ablutions. He tried not to think too much.Because he knew what that would bring --the tethers he lost; failed causes,the old lover who knew some things.Instead, he kept his eyes straight ahead,marked time, made…

Another Irresolute Essay on Lit and Crit

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. . . we agree that formal standards for identifying literary merit exist and are capable of being discerned, not merely of being ascribed. —but is this itself true?

Boy's Worst Friend

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After dinner, I looked forward to taking a shower and cleansing myself of the day’s mishap. Cher had other plans.As I left the bathroom, Cher nipped me in the butt, taking my towel, skin, and blood with her. I remember writhing on the floor outside my sis

Spider and Fly Cafe

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I saw it coming from five feet

Until We See Again

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I saw a big dog By the side of the road I saw a small deer By the side of the road A little maroon water in a glass As I was driving home Under darkness With the wind that was under a rose New blood will fill the earth And we must lo

What We Know but Can’t Describe

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We know them just enough/ to recognize them when we find them.


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I’d look for a fork and quickly stab a piece of it and bite into it, feeling good about the finality of things.

Falcon Eyes

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"Kinky. You gonna slug me one with your tight fist down there?" Falcon teased the biggest boy.

My Wild

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Across the lake, there is a camp for the deaf.

Sea Bubbles

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"I don't know why you say good-bye, I say hello."--The Beatles Things fall from the clouds. Things fall from thefloor. Maybe through, maybe all the way.Everyone argues for their homeland.Someday I'd like to hold your hand. I'mstill dreaming. I hope it continuesto rain…

A Brief Conversation With A Man Who Fell Off a Cliff

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I asked him where he hurt and he said everywhere.