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The Secret of Belief

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I don't believe in symbols but there's a hole in my living room window in the shape of a bird

Staves 3 and 4 from "Edju"

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3. I have sweaters and my apartment is simple. My simple apartment is the essence of quiet. The apex of silence. And the key to simplicity is to have a lack of things. I do not have many things in my apartment. Because it…

A Poet in a Coffeeshop in the Motherfucking Nineties

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Look at her. She doesn't want to be here. The kiss and “wouldn't miss it for the world” was as empty as her crossed arms, crossed legs, and jittery foot were loaded. She attacked the foam of her latte with a tiny red straw. I wanted to scream. Complain about the…

Love Me Like It's Midnight

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We are young That’s all we’ve got We take drugs We smoke pot You got mugged And I got shot We are young That’s all we’ve got I want you to love me like it’s midnight Midnight, midnight Yeah, your mama wants you home But she knows

Between Io and Europa

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Ever fallen in love with Simone De Beauvoir?

Kite Flying

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She may never know and it sureis a small world. She may neverknow and they have a list. She maynever know, I'm very grateful.She may never know and I couldhave sworn we were getting alongfine. I refuse to say goodbye. I am still wearing sun-glasses. She may never…

Strange and Silent Hands

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I shuddered. This is how we are chosen by strange and silent hands.

A Saturday Prize-fight in Cannington

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Lovell saw his chance, and more quickly than anyone thought possible delivered a sharp blow to Linehan's hitherto untouched jaw. The Irishman collapsed, and stayed down for the full count of thirty. The courtyard was then filled with shouts of incredulit

To my own two feet

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When I first arrived/footling-breeched/you two were there/ahead of me.

once upon a time in Sumeria (2)

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THE man in the tent with the stick points to the chart on the wall and says to us all: the stats point to the end of the war by the end of the fall. A just war, not just oil. Just then Allah's shadow comes over the scene. He's here to stiffen his troops with some …

Arcana Magi Memorial Vol.7 - c.5

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Azure lifted her head up – her heart racing – and she closed her eyes focusing her mind.

Not Lao-tzu's Magna Carta, lxxiii - lxxxi

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proper words fail to get proper points across . . . truthful words have no beauty,/beautiful words have no truth.

At Last — My Dream Come True!

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[£Hello? I've got a ¥ for some ... ♥. All you've got is a ♦? That's pretty cold, buddy boy! Pret-ty COLD!]

A Shroud Over Me

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The moon was high. Its light gazing on the leaves and the earth. I stood up with some difficulty, straightened my spine and threw the shroud over me, like a burqa, white like a sheet. Along the aisles between the graves I started walking. My feet bones knocking against…


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Words are looking ever so strange today like a hole in space a wind in a cloud a face superimposed over a mountain


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The oval-shaped, pearl-white objects shimmered soundlessly in the warm sunlight. Suddenly one object veered off and headed towards them stopping to hover not twenty feet away. Suddenly their phones vibrated simultaneously. They both looked at their messa

Texas Weather Triptych

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I worry for the daffodils/ and there optimistic yellow bursts./ I worry for the over-eager clover,// prodigious green on crepe myrtles,/ even for the early green of nut grass.

My Nashville Song

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I smell ham and biscuits I ain't eatin' Triscuits No more No more, no more Gonna get back on my Harley With my mutt named Bisquick Charlie I just ain't eatin’ Triscuits No more, no more And I heard you know the score Yeah, I know you


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Can you write a 250-word story without using the letter "e"? Ruth's back is curving forwards, folding, softly caving into tomorrow.

Spare Me Another Poem To The Moon

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Your malnourished maniacs choke on gourmet reputations

What To Believe

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Being simple like this, knowing a thing is done by doing.

He Ages

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'love is when the body goes away.'

The first two staves of "Edju"

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1. If I stood before the glass coffin and waited. If I stood before the glass coffin with the body of the dead saint inside and waited. If I stood before the glass coffin with the body of the dead saint inside and…


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What's that snitch doin' here?

Water Break

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When you are one of themit makes perfect sense tome; you're one of them, arewe supposed to believe,no shadow? When you areone of them, they say youfall asleep with a peacefulsmile. When you're one withthem, watch as I run toher naked body. Whenyou are one of them, youhave…

Not Lao-tzu's Magna Carta, lxiv - lxxii

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words have their own ancestors,/deeds are commanded by their own lords./ knowledge and thought do not make me understand—/no surprise, then, that I am not understood.

Nobody Else Would *WANT* Him!

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The King's Snit

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Political doggerel.

The Ogontz Branch

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There are stories I will not tell, stories I shudder / to remember. You'll forgive me for withholding them from you. / You may, of course, not tell me everything about yourself either

Trompe L'Oeil

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I saw myself leaning against the shop window, yet I was standing metres away. Imagine being in two places at once. Intrigued, I watched her. Striking resemblance: a tall slim body in a yellow lace dress, fuzzy hair, long nose, bony knees: replicas of…