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I hate math. I hate everything about it.


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Of Hemingway, the Republicans, and hawks.

When I Last Saw Gina

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Sometimes it doesn't pay to go home again.


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My sweet baby angel has baby hair Baby angel has a golden cross lit looking at the crystal pig and sweet mare The drowning unicorn comes from the waves in fits. My sweet baby angel has baby talkBaby angel has a diamond shape scarburied heart shaped…

SNIPS & SNAILS & PUPPY-DOG TAILS IS THE *LEAST* OF IT! by Ranting Bitch in a Cold, Cold World

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In the Alley

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as i sink down into the shadows crawling like a worm past cold bricks centuries old in my blood

High Fives

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They pull up to the curbside and he jumps out to shake the hands in that familiar men’s grasp/shake they do when saluting each other. If that isn’t his daughter it should be, the one sitting in his car, with her door wide open.

Arcana Magi Pure Vol.7 - c.5

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Mayumi’s eyes twitched. Her head felt the pounding images and voices grafting themselves onto her mind.

No Regrets

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The ability to "see the ball" is a gift.

How Circular Turns Infinity

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Year End Closeout

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At some point, indifference// will swallow the small gasps./ The appalling will become the norm.

A Christmas Story

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I pay for 3 Trump Troll Dolls and a package red licorice twizzlers and head back toward the door. Dancing Gnome Girl is there to greet me. I stick a twizzler in the teeth of the donation pail.

The Medicine

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It wasn't pain but half of it, so half of it I mended

The Closers

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The questions I have no right to ask come to me mostly when I can't sleep. Why did he get in the car? Why was he not suspicious of what looked like a family picking him up for a job interview? Who meets in person for the first interview…

for her

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she will appear /like a cutting stone/ her laughter a fresh sword

Battle of the Planets, Part IV

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It was only two days before Christmas.  Jonathan remembered his mother crying.

The Safety Breakers

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I could put on some music, but it just pushes me further away from you. It takes me out beyond the safety breakers and then introduces me to my own splashing fear of swimming. You can swim through concrete—it doesn't have to be…

Early Winter Haikus

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The Land Collector

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He liked owning acreage.

About Those High Tension Wires In Our Backyard

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In all the years we lived here we never had any issues from the power towers behind our house, other than them being slightly unsightly. I didn't even notice them when we would socialize out back, especially when drinking. When it rains you can sometimes


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Santa’s ruddy snoze/

How Was Your Afternoon, Dear? 2

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The pool deck was covered with the bloody footprints of resident gawkers.

Chinese Whispers

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The smell of garlic, soy, and onions/ exhausted from Skillman Wok/ perfumes December air.

Dinner at the Whorehouse with Geraldo Rivera

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wear that short skirt and those high-heeled boots

Mail from the Ungrund: A Tardy Preamble

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nevertheless, this crowd had come up with a universal cure for humanity, and regardless of consequences . . .

Moral Hazard

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“Dang it!” ¶ “Don't worry. You've got a future in academics.”

Leaving like slow rain

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I used to dream about flying over the ocean in nothing but my shirt, now I dream about driving through fucking Kentucky.


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Freshly fucked, Shirley exhaled enjoying the lingering sensations. She always felt lighter after a good orgasm, and this had been one for the record books.