A Message in Red-Brown Style

by stephen hastings-king

The important thing is to repeat the keyword censorship censorship censorship whether it applies or not even remotely censorship censorship keep repeating it censorship because building brand associations is a kind of conditioning censorship and that's a little ugly quite frankly censorship but hey I oppose this war in the way I oppose censorship censorship censorship I think everyone should be seeking a diplomatic solution censorship censorship regardless of whether one is on the table or not censorship at still less at whose behest one is not on the table at the present time censorship also arming Ukraine is just prolonging the war censorship regime change, and is, unlike the Russian invasion, causing unnecessary suffering censorship censorship regime change only a war-mongering lunatic neocon Deep State operative who daysdreams fondly of nuclear war would not agree with me on this censorship censorship censorship regime change so thoroughly do I monopolize righteousness in this context along with the correct framing that I control. Censorship. Regime change.